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Lifestyle / YouTube PopWrapped | Lifestyle

10 Reasons Why You Should Watch This Up And Coming YouTube Channel

Amy Jereb | PopWrapped Author

Amy Jereb

04/24/2017 8:34 am
PopWrapped | Lifestyle
10 Reasons Why You Should Watch This Up And Coming YouTube Channel | Mr. Kate

Mr. Kate is a self taught, creative soul taking the YouTube scene by storm. She went to school for acting (a skill she utilizes in some of her videos) but found herself drawn to design, art, and being a “creative weirdo” (the term she uses for herself and her fans) throughout life. Kate started her YouTube channel in 2009, where she films herself covering every topic from interior design to makeup and fashion to self help and living healthy. The channel hit one million subscribers in late February, and to celebrate this milestone for Kate, here are 10 reasons you should also subscribe to the channel and keep that number rising!


10. Kate is creative AF

This DIY queen can think outside the box like a master! From a mirror as a coffee table to repurposing pillow stuffing to create clouds, she kills it with her unique decoration and fashion ideas. Who else would think to put a hoop piercing on her acrylic nail? She is unafraid of trying something new--of being someone seen as different-- and I think that’s inspiring for everyone!

 9. Her eclectic taste

Kate and Joey (her husband and business partner) bought a house in 2014, allowing the channel to showcase their style fully for the first time. Although it became apparent quickly that their spaces are a little different (let us reference the gold-leafed animal heads in their living room and the wallpapered ceiling in their dining room), the interior design projects for other people on her channel showcase a wide variety of styles. With a little something for everyone, how could you not find a video to watch? If you’re redoing a room (or even your whole home) it will always be worth a visit to Mr. Kate’s channel as there will be designs to your taste!

 8. Kate's travel vlogs

Kate is not a daily vlogger, nor a travel channel by any means. However, Joey and her seem to take more vacations than the average person and the locations they visit are amazing! Both their extended families appear to prefer tropical destinations, so Kate has vlogged many family trips to places like Bora Bora, Maui, the Bahamas, and more! Unashamed and portraying her life authentically, Kate vlogs through everything (even stepping on a gross, squishy snail). Realistic with her packing habits (she jokes about taking a second suitcase just for her shoes and I wouldn’t put it past her) and willing to act exactly like every older sister, it’s refreshing to watch a YouTuber be less edited and simply enjoy life in front of their camera.

 7. Her positivity

Kate openly talks about her life, to such an extent that her viewers are aware of the hardships of her childhood. But that does not stop her from being a positive, bright soul! Kate is one of the most positive YouTubers I have seen; even when she vlogged her interior design shopping while sick she did not turn negative. If a viewer lives a vastly different life than her, they can still take notes and incorporate such positive, radiant energy into their everyday life, and I think we could all use a little more positivity!

 6. She is an animal lover

Kate does not shy away from her clients pets, nor does she filter her own “crazy cat lady” antics. Just like all of us, she talks to her furry friends in a baby voice and spoils them all rotten. With her designs, she never forgets a spot for the animals and to say bye to them too before she leaves. Within her own home, their cats are pampered extraordinarily. When Joey and Kate upgraded their kitchen, they even switched out the laundry closet for a room they dubbed “The Poo Poo Palace”, where a faux cabinet serves as a bathroom for the cats while being anything but an eyesore. Winston and Roxanne must be so appreciative (even if they did get rid of the cats’ favorite dining chairs the same day as building The Poo Poo Palace).

 6. Kate operates on a budget

Unlike some YouTubers, Kate is budget conscious! When she designs rooms for other YouTubers (in her series called “OMG We’re Coming Over”) she has a balance between budget and “investment pieces”. The latter are pieces of furniture from companies like Anthropology and CB2, where they might appear overpriced but will definitely last long enough to be worth the pricetag. In the same room as a four digit dresser, she will also DIY a vintage desk from a thrift store. The balance is perfect, as it allows viewers from either end of the income spectrum to find inspiration and connection to their own design projects. She also DIYs at least one item in every space she works on: from Manny MUA’s hanging moon decoration to Andrea Choice’s tin foil wall sculpture, she shows ways to get crafty and create the perfect items for your own space without spending a fortune. This transfers into her fashion videos too! Even if some of her heels are designer, she also DIY’s accessories, bags, and shirts to create the perfect wardrobe pieces. This thrift store-loving, “creative weirdo” does not leave any budget friendly stone unturned!

 4. Kate and Joey's relationship

This is simple: they’re the cutest! Even if you can sometimes tell they play it up for the camera, you can’t help but be enamored by them! Overtly fond at times and teasing like siblings at others, they represent a lot of relationships goals. They don’t shy away from showcasing it at all. Almost every room design video has a short section of the two unrolling the rug and proceeding to cuddle on it and more often than not, Joey asks for kisses after getting all sweaty hanging the curtains. Joey makes appearances in other videos too: he of course appears in the vlogs, where Kate makes sure to catch his authentic self (even if it’s him snoring in the hotel room) and he helps in some of the fashion videos, like this one about shopping for significant others. But the best part is their nicknames for one another: Kate is “shmall” and Joey is “tall” since there is an approximately foot of height difference between them (don’t let Kate’s heels fool you)! The combo of the terms “shmall” and “tall” back-to-back whenever she can’t reach and Joey the “tall” must help is adorable! They might play it up, but if it means there is more of Joey picking Kate up to go over home thresholds and grumpy Kate asking for help because “she’s a shmall!” then I’m all for it!

3. Kate is a businesswomen extraordinaire  

Not only does Kate run her seemingly all encompassing YouTube channel, but she also has her own jewelry line, panty line, and DIY book! She is a boss, a wife, and a creative. Somehow she balances all facets of her life so that her business is booming. Kate is a prime example of a women plowing her way into the workplace and making something for herself. Despite Joey being involved in the company, it is still Kate’s at heart and she is killing it.

 2. She looks out for her viewers

The channel is full of fun and creative content for everyone but that does not mean that there aren’t serious moments. In a vlog from September, Kate spoke for the entirety of the seventeen minutes video about keeping healthy. She starts with explaining that to handle the pressures of running such an extensive business, she sees a therapist (and goes into details about why she started seeing one when she was younger, words many young viewers could need to hear to begin being mentally healthier themselves). The rest of the vlog is about eating and living healthy, where she goes through her groceries to explain her healthy diet, talks about skincare, and treating herself. In just one video, Kate covers many facets of being healthy, and it’s appreciated!

 1. Joey and Kate donate money to chairty

Last year, Joey and Kate set a goal of hitting one million subscribers by the end of the year. As an incentive for more people to subscribe, they promised to donate $1,000 to charity for every 100,000 subscribers they gained. Even though they missed the mark by a couple of months (they reached one million subscribers in February), they announced that they would continue to donate the same amount to charity as they continue to gain followers. If this is not incentive to watch and subscribe to their channel, I don’t know what is!



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