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Music PopWrapped | Music

#MusicMonday Feat. Tinashe, Zayn, Banks, Yaysh, And More

Mike Nied | PopWrapped Author

Mike Nied

07/23/2016 7:50 am
PopWrapped | Music
#MusicMonday Feat. Tinashe, Zayn, Banks, Yaysh, And More | #MusicMonday
Media Courtesy of PopWrapped / Mike Nied

This week's #MusicMonday features hits that span two weeks of massive releases from the likes of Tinashe, Banks, Zayn Malik, Nelly Furtado, Shawn Mendes, and more!

Now that we've had the weekend to compulsively listen to Britney Spears's "Make Me" on repeat for the weekend (#BuyMakeMeOniTunes), it's time to turn our attention to all of the other hot releases that we've been graced with over the last two weeks. Whether you're looking for a dance floor groove from the likes of Tinashe, some bluesy honesty from Shawn Mendes, or some forward thinking flirting from Yaysh we've got something for you on this week's #MusicMonday playlist!

Tinashe - "Superlove"

Kicking off this week's #MusicMonday playlist is Tinashe, who leaps onto the scene with her latest offering from her impending Joyride, "Superlove." Her latest effort takes us straight to the dance floor on it's throwback pop production. It's a new sonic direction for Tinashe, who is used to serving something a little more urban (see "All Hands on Deck"), but we can easily see this blasting away on radio in the final months of summer. Coupled with a fierce dance video the track has serious potential and will hopefully jumpstart her Joyride era in a way that previous singles haven't quite yet... Either way rest assured that we'll be bopping along, because this beat is undeniable!

Banks - "Fuck with Myself"

Blasting down for impact is Banks with her tightly produced self-empowerment track "Fuck With Myself." Boasting an almost eerie and definitely spacey production, the songstress proclaims her independence. "Cause I fuck with myself more than anybody else" she growls across the stuttering beat and whispering synths. Banks should be commended for her defiantly empowering anthem, which just may be the most brazen statement of self-reliance that we've ever heard. We couldn't love it  more for that!

Snakehips feat. Zayn - "Cruel"

Former One Directioner Zayn may have left the group to pursue solo stardom, but that hasn't stopped the dreamy crooner from collaborating with others on his musical journey. This week sees him teaming up with UK production duo Snakehips on the determinedly uplifting "Cruel." The track sees the former boybander delivering some of his most upbeat vocals to date, as he proclaims his feelings for a lover over Snakehips' danceable production. His feelings are so strong that his lover makes him able to keep a smile on his face despite all of the horrors that we face. "It's such a cruel world / savin' all my love for you, girl" Zayn proclaims on the joyful chorus. His delivery is bright, energizing, and probably the most pop oriented that we've heard from the Mind of Mine crooner since his One Direction days!

M.I.A. - "Go Off"

M.I.A. teamed up with Skrillex and Blaqstarr for "Go Off," the explosive lead single from her upcoming AIM album. The track sees the Sri Lankan songstress delivering her rapped lyrics over a sparse production. Skirl's production is as hot as expected, and M.I.A.'s charged lyricism makes the song a must listen on this week's #MusicMonday!

Hailee Steinfeld, Grey, Zedd - "Starving"

Hailee Steinfeld falls deeply into love on her Grey and Zedd-assisted new single "Starving." The sweet pop bop sees the songstress finally sated in her lover's arms. "I didn't know that I was starving till I tasted you / don't need no butterflies when you give me the whole damn zoo" she coos on the euphoric chorus. Steinfeld's vocals are bright and open, possibly her best to date. Zedd and Grey also deliver particularly strong production for the songstress. Blending acoustic strings with electronic production results in a lush and joyful soundscape, over which it's easy to imagine Hailee and her lover frolicking off into the sunset hand in hand!

5 Seconds of Summer - "Girls Talk Boys"

Our first soundtrack offering on this week's #MusicMonday is 5 Seconds of Summer's rocking "Girls Talk Boys." The edgy track finds itself a home on the Ghostbusters soundtrack and features an impassioned vocal performance from the boys. On the track the guys wonder what girls say about them while they are talking to their friends over a production lush with electric guitar and a pounding drumline. It's a fun soundtrack offering from the group and provides fans with a taste of new music while they wait for the group's next official single!

Yaysh - "Wild One"

Rising talent Yaysh delivers one of the year's most evocative releases to date on her debut single "Wild One." We were introduced to the artist earlier this year with her electrifying "Light Up The Room," but her latest release is truly one to watch. Serving striking vocals and an impressive rapped flow, "Wild One" sees the rising songstress delivering an impassioned performance for a potential lover over racing synths and atmospheric whispers. Pulsing with energy, Yaysh coos and growls across the track with equal fervor. It's a passionate release and continues to prove that the songstress has a lot to deliver.

Nelly Furtado - "Behind Your Back"

Canadian songstress Nelly Furtado takes things back in the day on "Behind Your Back" the first buzz track from her upcoming studio album. The 90s throwback track won't find a place on the upcoming album, but it may serve as a sample of the sonic direction that the "Promiscuous" siren may explore. Stripping back some of the club ready production of previous releases, the track features a relaxed and urban-inspired production and a powerful vocal performance. If this is a sample of things to come, the Loose singer may find herself back atop the charts!

The Pretty Reckless - "Take Me Down"

The Taylor Momsen fronted rock group descends into a southern state of mind on new single "Take Me Down." Their first release since their 2014 sophomore LP Going to Hell sees the moody rockers in familiar territory. A blues and arena rock inspired instrumental sets the scene for Momsen's traditionally strong vocals and wild child lyrics. The track shows some growth for the group, and Momsen's vocals are at their most relaxed. After several years of reveling in the rebellious roots of rock, it seems that the group has finally found their home in the genre. We'll be keeping our eyes peeled and ears alert for more from the rockers for future #MusicMonday appearances.

Zayn - "wHo"

Zayn makes a second appearance on this week's #MusicMonday with the second offering from the Ghostbusters' soundtrack, his airy "wHo." Acting as an extension of this year's Mind of Mine, the track delivers a moody R&B themed romancing. "Who you gonna call, gonna call when you need somebody" he croons across the production, paying tribute to the franchise's original material. While it's not particularly groundbreaking, "wHo" is another strong release from the former boy bander and is decidedly one of the stronger cuts from the Ghostbusters soundtrack. Between the R&B stylings on "wHo" and the danceable production on "Cruel" it's entirely feasible that Zayn will have his share of spins on radio this summer!

APEK, Carl Nunes, Alexx Mack - "Stars"

Los Angeles' resident queen of all things bad and synth-pop princess Alexx Mack teamed up with APEK and Carl Nunes to deliver "Stars," another danceable production that will take you into the stratosphere. The track sets the songstress's powerful voice over a roaring production and allows her to find love on a dance floor. "We are stars tonight / young and on our own / let our hearts collide / baby take me home" the songstress belts over the production before it soars away on an extended break. "Stars" is another electrifying release from the songstress. Here's to hoping that she graces our #MusicMonday countdown with a few more over the course of the year!

Shawn Mendes - "Ruin"

17 year old pop powerhouse Shawn Mendes channels John Mayer's dreamy acoustic stylings on the second track to appear from his forthcoming studio album. "Do you think about me / and oooh yeah, do you feel the same way babe" Mendes ponders over the bluesy strings and sparse drum line. As the track proceeds the lovelorn crooner proclaims his feelings for a lover and begging her to realize that he is capable of providing her eternal happiness. "Darling don't you know that I'm the only one" he begs on the chorus, delivering some of his most heart rending vocals to date. "Ruin" is an interesting sonic direction for Shawn Mendes to explore, and we have a feeling that we'll be adding this to just about every relaxing playlist we make for the remainder of the year!

Allie X - "All The Rage"

Is there anything that Allie X isn't capable of? The rising synth pop goddess has proven herself capable of delivering a variety of different emotions across her electrifying productions since emerging on the scene last year, and her latest single "All the Rage" continues to prove her excellence. The electro-kissed anthem sees the songstress declare her hunger for the spotlight over a racing production. Allie's vocals have never been more theatrical than they are on "All The Rage." The "Sanctuary" songstress injects every syllable with a passion that demands listeners' attention and truly proves her prowess. "All the Rage" is one of the most innovative of her tracks to see release, and it leaves us all the more hungry to see what's coming next. Her ingenuity knows no bounds, and we're predicting that Allie X will truly become all the rage sooner than later!

Kady Rain - "All I Ever Wanted"

Rising talent Kady Rain delivers a delectable tribute to young love on her latest single "All I Ever Wanted." The Austin-based songstress channels pure pop on the saccharine sweet production, as she sings about the platitudes of young love. There's an endearing quality to the lyrical content, as the rising talent declares "I just wanna hold your hand / don't you understand it's all I've ever wanted / so are you in or are you out / are we gonna be / it's all I've ever wanted" over bright guitar riffs and iridescent electronica. It's a powerful introduction to the world and showcases a bright pop sensibility that will make Rain a favorite of teens across the globe!

Maty Noyes - "In My Mind"

After garnering critical acclaim for her work on projects with talents like The Weeknd and Kygo, Mississippi's rising talent Maty Noyes is set for stardom. "In My Mind," her latest offering, sees her struggling to make a relationship work over a brooding production. Armed with a piercing vocal performance and an enchanting production the track is an enchanting listen and manages to come off as defiantly empowering.

Jared & The Mill - "Keep Me Going"

Arizona based alt-rockers Jared & The Mill find salvation and strength on their latest release "Keep Me Going." The track features a striding instrumentation, as lead singer Jared begs a lover to continue inspiring him with her presence. "Cuz if this is nothing more then how am I to get along / oh I'm lost without your voice so keep my going on / so can you keep it going on can you keep me going on like this" his voice soars over the chorus. The track is another soulful and promising release that's perfect to close out this week's #MusicMonday!

What songs are burning up your #MusicMonday playlist this week? Let us know in the comments below!


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