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My Hero Academia Season 2 Part 1 Review

Aedan Juvet | PopWrapped Author

Aedan Juvet

Senior Staff Writer
06/20/2018 1:53 am
PopWrapped | Reviews
My Hero Academia Season 2 Part 1 Review  | my hero academia
Media Courtesy of Funimation

Anime: My Hero Academia (Season 2 Part 1)

Released By: Funimation

Release Date: April 03, 2018
Retail Price: $64.98
My Hero Academia has become an anime staple for fans of all ages and genres, not only getting a second and third season, but has proved itself as a classic in the making. After the first season of My Hero Academia aired, it practically became an overnight sensation as a new anime that would soon transcend the standard anime audience. By the time the first season concluded, there was merchandise such as figures, key chains, costumes, food and anything My Hero Academia themed that you could imagine. 
If the first season was primarily about establishing the world of My Hero Academia, then the second season wants to push the aspiring heroes in ways they have yet to be tested which is entirely authentic to the series.  Despite needing a possible break after defeating the League of Villains - the potential downtime isn't very possible anymore and they are thrust into a greater challenge that is sure to shift things for the characters and viewers. Without any hesitation, the second season begins almost immediately with a new plot that will resonate with many anime fans of all ages - the beloved tournament saga that always finds its way into mainstream anime plot. 
The tournament is actually labeled as a Quirk competition, enlisting students from all different classes to compete and make a reputation for themselves. Every participant has something to prove, and along the way you can practically guarantee that it will bring out the best and worst traits of people when facing friends, rivals and anyone in their way. Even though tournaments are something inclusive for most action anime series, it also contains one of the best ways to provide characters the opportunity to flex their skills. My Hero Academia is no different - but actually uses a variety of rounds and competitions to test them all in a full scope that doesn't rely on one quality such as strength. 
Where season one had more slow burn qualities that worked its way up to a greater plot, season two felt the love of viewers and managed to make every attribute about the anime better than ever. As mentioned, the tournament was a platform to elevate each competitor's strengths and introduce more to the core group - but it still carries a fun and comedic quality that holds the series together. For example, using a business class to hilariously discuss probability of success or poking fun at anime character's tendencies to explain the obvious, there's always an avenue for funny. For those reasons, it can be confirmed that My Hero Academia continues to raise the bar and impress. 
By taking MYH into a larger scale second season, you always worry that an anime production company will rush it to get their work seen immediately - but it never shows signs of weakness from season one to the end of season two part one (part two will be addressed soon enough.) The animation showcases incredible action to that anime physical comedy that works so well with the comic book nature of the series. The Japanese dub of the anime is loved by fans without a doubt, but the perfectly timed English dub by Funimation reminds us that the company can tell My Hero Academia is something that needs to be seen as soon as possible. If anything, my prior concerns over the quality of the series have since been debunked due to the shows multiple success on every level. By the time part two concludes, you will absolutely find yourself dying to see what comes next and I can say - it only gets better from here. 
Overall Score: 8.5/10
Aedan's Final Thoughts:
- Tournaments are incredible to watch and MYH is ready to meet your expectations. 
- The decision to have several different rounds with multiple components found a way to keep things fresh for the genre. 


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