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Science / Art PopWrapped | Science

New Artifacts From Ancient Treasure Found

Raechel Odom | PopWrapped Author

Raechel Odom

10/02/2015 9:13 am
PopWrapped | Science
New Artifacts From Ancient Treasure Found | artifacts
Media Courtesy of IFLScience
New ancient treasure has been discovered (that makes sense, right?!) at the Ancient Antikythera Shipwreck. The wreck was discovered just over 100 years ago while the crew awaited a storm’s passing on the coast of Greece. The crew dived down and found the Antikythera, along with many marble statues of Greek and Roman mythological heroes. More than 100 years later, marine archeologists are still finding new content, including a bone flute, a pawn from a chessman game, and an armrest which may have been a part of a bronze throne. "This shipwreck is far from exhausted," said project co-director Brendan Foley, a marine archaeologist. "Every single dive on it delivers fabulous finds, and reveals how the ‘1%’ lived in the time of Caesar." Researchers began the excavation in 2014, taking every necessary precaution to preserve the artifacts. They’ve spent nearly 40 hours searching through the wreckage, whereas, last year, they were only able to get four days of diving. The area is around 130 by 165 feet, and some diving is as deep as 180 feet. The artifacts that have been found indicate that the people aboard the ship were in that top 1% Foley mentioned. Researchers hope to determine where the artifacts originated using isotopic testing. That will give them an idea of where the ship was from as well. "These artifacts show us the life of a newly emerging elite in Greece and Rome, with enormous wealth distributed among a larger elite than ever before in history," Foley told the Huffington Post. "The ship and its cargo represent the start of an economy based on consumption of products from a wide area, borne on sea lanes, and supported by new mechanisms of insurance and diversification of risk." Archeologists have found traces of food, drinks, medicines, and perfumes in the remains of the artifacts. "We believe there may be as many as six more life-sized bronze statues of gods and heroes still on the wreck," Foley said. In 1900, a well-known artifact was discovered from the Antikythera, the Antikythera mechanism, which could calculate the position of the sun, the eclipse, and the phases of the moon. It is clearly the most advanced discovery made from this ancient treasure, but I have to say I’m excited to see what else they find and if they can recover it intact.


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