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Music PopWrapped | Music

New Music Released in July

Amy Jereb | PopWrapped Author

Amy Jereb

07/31/2017 5:58 pm
PopWrapped | Music
New Music Released in July | new music
Media Courtesy of Chicago Tribune

As July comes to a close, we are enjoying the new music released this month. From ballads to bops, July had it all. Presented in no particular order, here are 10 songs released over the course of the month worth a listen! Enjoy the new music!

1. "Praying" by Kesha

Following the hardships of her career, Kesha released Praying as her comeback single. The song starts slow, reminiscent of Kesha’s ballads on Animal. The powerful lyrics reflect on her experiences with Dr. Luke, who she took to court with charges of sexual assault. In an iconic display of being the bigger person, she sings “I hope you’re somewhere praying, praying / I hope your soul is changing, changing”. She goes on to reflect on herself: “I don’t need you / I found a strength I’ve never known.” Kesha also explores her future, in which she is confident her career will go further than it ever did while connected to Dr. Luke. She believes she will be remembered over him. And yet she sings “sometimes I pray for you at night." Her compassion for her abuser, to hope he becomes someone better and does not again cause someone to suffer at his hand, is incredibly powerful.

2. "Two Fux" by Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert gained fame on American Idol in 2009 during the eighth season. Although he was the runner up, his career took off and his sound has created a niche for himself at the top of the charts on and off over the past nine years. “Two Fux” does not stray far from the sound that has gained him popularity, but does playfully combine explicit lyrics and drug references with a playful sound. “Two Fux” chronicles Lambert’s dismissal of bad opinions, a good lesson for all of us (even if he does swear twice in every chorus).

3. "New York" by St. Vincent

We’d like to warn of explicit language in this song as well. If you need a sad song to let your emotions bubble too, here it is. “New York” is not quite a ballad--the beat in the bridge picks up just enough to warrant the title unusable--but the lyrics are still powerful emotionally. This is a great song for anyone who likes deeply emotional tracks. St. Vincent sings about losing your lover, someone who is both a hero and a friend. Some might need to prepare tissues for this one!

4. "Sweat" by The All American Rejects

On a more fun note, this new music is more in line with a fun summer! “Sweat” sounds incredibly different from The All American Rejects’s early emo music. “Sweat” sounds closer to pop than alternative music, an interesting change for the band. The chorus contains an instrumental breakdown which leads into a short a cappella verse before launching into a final chorus. This song is a jam perfect for rocking with friends in the car blowing out the speakers, and the title is perfect for a boiling hot summer.

5. "Rain" by The Script

“Rain” is a new sound for The Script. Somewhat reminiscent of Andy Grammer’s music, the chorus of “Rain” is incredibly catchy and has a fun, strong beat. This is definitely a song you have to sing along to!

6. "Goodbye" by Echosmith

“Goodbye” is more new music perfect for summer. The lyrics themselves don’t cause summer feelings, but the instrumental contain a steel drum that can’t help but invoke memories of beaches and vacations. Echosmith combines this sound with a breakup song. It’s an interesting combo but one that is undoubtedly working.

7. "Love Is Mystical" by Cold War Kids

The Cold War Kids have stuck to their typical sound for this new music. “Love Is Mystical” has a certain fun element due to the five note repetition throughout, invoking a catchiness to a seriously sung song. The lyrics are highly poetic and draw upon lots of natural imagery to explain the journey from being emotionally lost to falling in love. The Cold War Kids tell us “Love is mystical / Love will break the chains” as they assure every loveless soul that it gets better when you find the one. The music video also features a large amount of representation, so why not give it some support?

8. "6/10" by Dodie

Dodie is one of many YouTubers who found a record deal through online entertainment. Her music is soft and poetic, including her new song “6/10.” This new music offers a soft piece with piano and violin while Dodie sings about feeling too plain, a six out of ten, who is passed by. The song is commentary on the perception of the everyday women, and the repetition of the bridge's lyrics will invoke feelings in any female listener. It’s a soft and exquisite song.

9. "Lay It On Me" by Vance Joy

Vance Joy hit the radio with “Riptide” but has not experienced radio level fame since. His new music is a similar sound (and maybe it too will get some air time). “Lay It On Me” was inspired by a phone recording Joy kept on his cell. The song is more intense than “Riptide” but still has an element of fun in the chorus’s heavy layers of instruments and vocals.

10. "Back to You" by Louis Tomlinson

Former One Direction band member Louis Tomlinson released his first piece of solo music this month. “Back to You” is in collaboration with Bebe Rexha and Digital Animal Farms. The sound is very interesting. A series of 8-bit notes float through the background of the verses. They sound similar to classic video games and add an element of interest to a song that is otherwise carried by Tomlinson’s lyrics. The song is definitely of a particular taste but is undeniably catchy. As Tomlinson and Rexha sing, “I love it, I hate it / I can’t take it but I keep on coming back to you.”

Want to check out previous month’s releases? May and June both had excellent new music!


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