Dark Horse Comics Announce Alien Franchise Re-Launch

Photo courtesy of Dark Horse Comics
Photo courtesy of Dark Horse Comics

Photo courtesy of Dark Horse Comics

Sam Maggs
Staff Writer

Dark Horse Comics revealed at New York Comic Con that they’re going to be re-launching an iconic and terrifying franchise: Alien!

Dark Horse announced three titles that are in development at the moment. First up is Aliens; written by Chris Roberson (who’s recently worked on a Fables spin-off), the comic will focus on an original cast of characters and have a genuine “horror” feel. Roberson is taking everything in the original films as canon, but Ripley won’t be referenced directly.

Predator will be helped by Joshua Williamson (Johnny Monster), and will follow the last, epic hunt of an aging Predator – and the humans who get in its’ way.

Christopher Sebela, who previously co-wrote Dark Horse’s Ghost with Kelly Sue DeConnick, will write Aliens Vs. Predator. Thankfully, the comics won’t follow the storylines of the terrible Vs films, but will draw inspiration from both franchises separately.

Finally, Marvel writer Paul Tobin will take on Prometheus, attempting to connect the feature film to the original Alien franchise more closely.


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