Spokane, Washington Boasts Shirtless Baristas And A Hot Cup Of Joe

Photo Courtesy of abcnews.go.com
Photo Courtesy of abcnews.go.com

Photo Courtesy of abcnews.go.com

Shannon Connolly
Staff Writer

If you like your latte served by a shirtless man with a six pack, you might want to head down to Spokane, Washington. The coffee shop, Hot Cup of Joe, which has quickly become infamous for its shirtless baristas, opened in the city on Valentine’s Day.

Mullins opened his shirtless coffee shop as a response to bikini coffee shops that have been on the news. But don’t get your hopes up, the owner wants to keep things classy, so they won’t be wearing G-strings for all of you crazy people out there, they’re just shirtless baristas.

“This is something women have been crying out for for a while,” owner Chris Mullins said. Hot Cup of Joe welcomes male customers as well, but they haven’t really been busting down the doors to get in. “Most of the customers that come here anyway are women,” he says. “Really I haven’t had a male reaction.” To try to pull more male customers in, Mullins is offering $1 off the check for any guy that walks through the doors.

“What we’re doing is just a classier, sexier Hanes commercial in real life. We’re not going to be able to please everybody”,” Mullins added. “There’s a market for everyone and everything out there. If people don’t want to sit here and see some classy guys in classy outfits that just happened to be ripped and hot and making coffees, then they can go get coffee where that’s not going on.”

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