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Orphan Black: 04x01, The Collapse Of Nature

Mairéad Scahill | PopWrapped Author

Mairéad Scahill

04/18/2016 7:32 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Orphan Black: 04x01, The Collapse Of Nature | Collapse of Nature
Media Courtesy of Examiner

Orphan Black starts off its fourth season with a bang and we get to know more about the lesser known Clone, Beth Childs.

Let’s recap:

A figure in a lamb mask sneaking through the woods at night is always a dark and ominous opening, which we get plenty of in Orphan Black. Pair that with a couple burying a body and the masked woman being revealed as another secret clone who is working with Beth and we know we’re in for a treat of an episode.

Beth gets co-ordinates from her informant and she tells her partner Art and the police that she received a mysterious tip that night. The masked clone left a sticker on the tree beside where the body was buried before she ran, so Beth knows exactly where to look.

The body is found dumped in a premium grade body bag, missing a cheek and with a bifurcated penis.

Ouch, that had to hurt.

Although, the coroner did make a “cheeky” pun which I very much appreciated.

Beth is dealing with the case, while also trying to handle Cosima and Alison, who are having money issues. Cosima needs Alison to pay her tuition, since she’s moving schools to be closer to her kindred clones and had to break up with her girlfriend and makes an aside about lesbians and u-hauls. Oh Cosima.

Alison, meanwhile, is being Beth’s pill supplier and even made a flower arrangement to hide it, delivered expertly by Ramon. Apparently Alison was always in the business of “breaking bad”.

Can we start calling her Walter White-Picket-Fence? No? That’s perfectly understandable.

Anywho, Beth has her own problems to deal with; we see her start to spiral over the demise of her relationship and trying to help everyone else, rather than herself.

Meanwhile, we can see that Beth and Art have a very special relationship, which only intensifies towards the end of the episode.

But we’ll get to that.

The masked clone, MK, tips Beth off that the cheekless man was murdered by neolutionists. He was a tadpole to be experimented on and developed.

Beth goes to Club Neolution and talks to a girl with magnets for fingers about the victim. She knew him but she doesn’t know much. Beth gives her number to the girl in case she has any leads.

She grabs Doctor Leekie’s book from the table and goes to his office to have it signed, in the hopes of a clue. Of course Leekie knows all about Beth. He even gets a warning phone call that they might need to trade out her monitor, Paul, since she’s rogue.

Beth doesn’t know Paul is her monitor yet. Sadly we all know what happens once she finds out.

Beth and Paul have dinner, as MK has told Beth that he is spying on her, but not to what extent. Beth tries to talk to Paul and they both end up angry and upset. He turns his back to her and she pulls a gun on him. However, once he starts to turn she puts it away and leaves the house.

She goes to the one place she knows she will be safe: Art’s house.

And one thing leads to another...

Beth wakes up next to Art to her phone ringing. It is Trina, the girl from the club, whose boyfriend has been taken by neolutionists after he had an implant in his cheek. Beth investigates. She finds them drugging Trina’s boyfriend, removing his cheek and taking the small work from the skin that has started to grow.


Beth stumbles back in horror and she has to run before she is caught. She chases down the alleyway, expecting to see one of them to her left. She hears a noise to her right and the adrenaline and the pills kick in and she shoots.

And now we know how Beth killed Margaret Chen. It was not for the Clones. It wasn’t for any reason. It was an accident.

She calls Art, telling him she messed up. He arrives, places Margaret’s phone in her hands and tells Beth that she saw a gun and that’s why she shot. They hold each other and he hopes the lie becomes the truth.

Again, we all know how this ends.

I think that might be the most tragic part of the episode: knowing Beth’s fate in the aftermath of these events but still hoping for the best.

Now, back to the resent, where Art calls Sarah in the middle of the night and tells her someone wants to speak to her. It’s MK. And the neolutionists are coming for her.

Until next time, Clone Club.


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