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Gaming PopWrapped | Gaming

Pokémon Go Now Available On iOS And Android

Kristina Atienza | PopWrapped Author

Kristina Atienza

07/17/2016 7:05 pm
PopWrapped | Gaming
Pokémon Go Now Available On iOS And Android | Pokémon Go
Media Courtesy of YouTube

Pokémon fans are one step closer to being the very best in the real world.

Pokémon Go has finally been launched for players to combine the world of Pokémon with the world they live in, straight from their phones.

Although the app hasn't launched everywhere in the world, it is available for download on Apple iOS and Google Android stores in the United States for players to enjoy.

The mobile game was developed by Niantic, which allows players to explore real life locations to find, capture and battle Pokémon.

Representatives from Nintendo and the Pokémon Company were pretty quiet about the official launch of the game. Even after the beta launch testing ended last month, people were surprised at the sudden staggered release of 

Pokémon Go


It's just what a person would expect if they actually lived in the Pokémon world. Players are able to walk around, possibly pick up some items from designated locations called Pokéstops and try to be the best trainer they can be. Pokémon can be spotted through a person's phone, providing the challenge of seeing the Pokémon you're trying to catch in a realistic environment.

"It is trying to mimic what the world would be like if Pokémon really lived in it," said Niantic CEO John Hanke. "They're out there and you have to discover them and capture them. The heart of the game is integrating that sort of discovery and fun of the video game with the fun of being outside and exploring new places."

Players also have the ability to customize the looks of their characters. A major difference now is that instead of your Pokémon battling to level up, the trainer is the one who levels up with each literal step and accomplishment.

According to some users, some Pokémon can be caught, and accomplishments done, right from the comforts of your home. However, to gain the items from the Pokéstops and challenge to the Gym, the player must actually walk relatively close to the predetermined location.

As of right now, the Pokémon from the first generation of the game are available for players to capture. It can be expected for later updates of 

Pokémon Go

to include the incorporation of the later generations of Pokémon to eventually capture as well.

There is also a feature to avoid the dangers of players getting hurt by not looking where they're going. As long as the app is open, their phones - or through the optional purchase of the wearable wrist item - will vibrate when the person nears a location where a Pokémon or an item are available to pick up.

Have you downloaded the game yet? How has it gone? Let us know!


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