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Gaming PopWrapped | Gaming

Pokemon Go Will Include The 'Buddy System' In A Future Update

Noelle Ogawa | PopWrapped Author

Noelle Ogawa

09/06/2016 5:12 am
PopWrapped | Gaming
Pokemon Go Will Include The 'Buddy System' In A Future Update | Pokemon Go
Media Courtesy of StrandishCHS

Pokemon Go has been a global phenomenon that has attracted players of all ages. Dataminers have discovered files hinting at a new feature called the "Buddy System" which Niantic has since confirmed will be implemented. The Buddy System is expected to be part of a future update.

The Buddy System will allow players to select a Pokemon that they already own and have it accompany them on their journeys. The system harkens back to a well-received feature of two earlier games, HeartGold and SoulSilver, where players could select a Pokemon to follow closely behind their player avatar. In those games, Pokemon would sometimes pick up items and present their finds to their trainers. Similarly, the Buddy System will reward trainers with Candies for walking a set distance with their Buddy Pokemon.

While the game is popular, it is far from perfect. Slowly but surely, the game developers have been addressing issues that have frustrated large portions of the player base. When the game was first released, dedicated players had to complete complicated calculations to discover their Pokemon’s IVs, or which stats had the best potential for battle. The last update, which came with the new Appraisal System, allows players to figure out IVs more easily. The Buddy System will surely be another improvement, as it will allow players to easily get Candies, items crucial for strengthening and evolving Pokemon. As of now, the easiest way to gain Candies is by encountering Pokemon or hatching eggs, and both are completely up to chance. Although some Pokemon are known to spawn at certain locations, there is no guarantee when they will appear. The rarity of the Pokemon is determined by the distance the player has to walk in order to hatch it, and its identity remains unknown until the egg hatches. The ability to gain more Candies not reliant on random encounters will be incredibly helpful, especially for strengthening rare Pokemon.

There is no information as to when the next update will go live. While there are still some underlying problems with the game, the Buddy System is definitely a step in the right direction.


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