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Prison Break: 05x09, Behind The Eyes

Maria Alicia | PopWrapped Author

Maria Alicia

Staff Writer
06/01/2017 8:21 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Prison Break: 05x09, Behind The Eyes | Behind The Eyes
Media Courtesy of FOX

So here is what we know. Michael and little Mike are in danger, Lincoln is in danger, Sara is in danger and the cat is out of the T-Bag, he has a kid! Sounds like we have a lot to get to in this season finale. How can this all possibly go well for our crew?

"Behind The Eyes" Recap:

One of the last things we see is blood splatter inside of the beach house. When this episode starts, we jump back in time 6 minutes. We see Sara with Jacob. Jacob has her tied up in the basement of the house. Jacob discusses how this last mission was to set up to kill Michael. Jacob wanted to get rid of Michael in order to have Sara and raise little Michael as a family. Seems like Jacob is delusional. When Van walks into the basement, Sara starts to tell him the truth, but Jacob has him tape her mouth shut.

When Jacob sees Michael and Lincoln show up, he leaves so that they feel comfortable to start snooping. This is what we saw last episode. But what we did not see was Van interfering with A & W’s shot. He tries to tell her to think about what is going on and that they can turn in Michael and disappear. The blood we saw belongs to Van. A & W shot him because “there is no leaving 21 void.” Michael tells little Michael to run to the end of the driveway to find Lincoln, but Lincoln is not there and Jacob takes little Michael.

Sara and Michael come across Lincoln and he has been shot. They are able to get him to the hospital but have to keep moving. Whip and T-Bag are also on the move and have a bottle of blood with them. The blood that Whip pulled from the bottom of the lake.

Michael reveals that he has been sitting on a plan to take Jacob down. Meanwhile, Jacob is beginning to manipulate little Michael by telling him that Sara is dead. Jacob tells him that the people are targeting little Michael because they are after Jacob.   Jacob takes little Michael to the college to keep safe. Jacob continues to manipulate little Michael by telling him that Michael is not his father. When Michael called Jacob’s phone, little Michael yells at him to stay away. Well, that has to burn.

"Never Interrupt Your Enemy"

Michael is able to lure Jacob to the zoo, while he is really at the University of Ithaca. Meanwhile, Jacob’s tech has figured out a part of Michael’s tattoo that reads, “Never interrupt your enemy while he is making a mistake.” Jacob realizes that he is in the wrong place. Michael is able to enter Jacob’s lair by using a tattoo on his hands to decrypt the computer. With Jacob and A&W are on their way back, Michael is able to get all of his files, as well as, maybe some other things.

When Sara goes to check on Lincoln, he is missing and apparently has checked himself out. Lincoln has gone back to Luca. Only this time, he actually brings the DEA to clean house. In the hospital, Sara uses her time to visit Van. Van asks her to let him die. Sara wants information from him on how to get her son back. He gives the location of little Michael. Sara leaves him.

It is clear that T-Bag and Whip are two peas in a pod. They area t a motel and fins Elvis man. He is very skilled in building models. We don’t get to see much but Whip and T-Bag return back to Michael and say we have your wild card in order. Lincoln shows up too. Sounds like we are about ready for our grand finale.

Michael meets Jacob at the warehouse. Michael pulls a gun on Jacob. This reveals A & W. She takes the gun and gives it to Jacob. This reveals Whip. A & W shoots the gun out of Whips hand. This reveals T-Bag. When they hear sirans they find out that Jacob has called the FBI. Whip begins his bar speech, the one he gives when he killed Abu Ramal.

Michael tries to call him off, but he doesn’t listen. He goes after A&W and she shoots him. T-Bag stays with a wounded and dying Whip and Michael goes with Jacob to show him where the hard drives are. Only there is a problem, Michael’s phone rings. It’s Sara, she has little Michael and now big Michael has no reason to give Jacob the hard drive. Meanwhile, the FBI is approaching. T-Bag kills A & W, and is taken into custody and Whip sadly dies. Michael is able to take off running with Jacob following him. He grabs and jacket and puts it on as they run into another room. Jacob shoots Michael, but it’s a blank and they are in a recreation of the cabin scene where Gains was shot. Michael is able to reframe the original murderer.

Sneaky Michael

To top it off, the scene was set up on a truck so it could just drive away. Michael is a very smart guy, but Jacob forces him back into the building where they go at it until Michael knocks out Jacob and both are taken by the FBI.

Jacob is ready to walk away while Michael is in the back of a cop car, but he is stopped due to blood evidence of Gain’s murder that was found in his office. Michael was able to put it there when he had broken. Michael is questioned by the FBI and is ultimately set free with the name Michael Scofield. When leaving he is offered a job, but asks for a favor. Wonder what that is? Could it be a lead to another season?

Our happy crew Lincoln, Sheba, Michael, Sara and Little Michael all safe and sound and having a picnic. Wonder how Jacob is doing? Oh, he is in Fox River with T-Bag as his cellmate. The final sounds of the season are Jacob screaming. We don’t hate this. Could this have been the favor Michael asked for? Maybe. All we know is, fingers crossed for another season. We just can’t get enough of this crew!


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