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Prison Break: 05x08, Progeny

Maria Alicia | PopWrapped Author

Maria Alicia

Staff Writer
05/28/2017 11:40 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Prison Break: 05x08, Progeny | Progeny
Media Courtesy of FOX

Rolling in the deep. This is the last place we see our crew. They have jumped off of the ship and are stranded in the middle of the ocean. When this episode starts, Whip manages to flag down a boat that is taking them to Marce.

We then jump back six years to Michael meeting with Jacob to discuss how to break out people around the world. Michael says he has been doing some recruiting and wants to have someone help him with his new job. It is Whip. Jacob allows Michael to recruit Whip on this job. Michael knows he will be able to manipulate Whip because he grew up without a family.

Jumping to present day, where Michael is texting Sara once they get to land. Michael can tell that something is up when “Sara” uses the name Mike Jr. We see Jacob is really on the other end of the phone and Sara is being held captive. It also turns out that little Michael is exactly like his father, due to the fact that he draws a ship as a “map” for his friend to find legos. His thoughts mimic those of his father’s tattoos.

Lincoln and Michael have a heart to heart. Lincoln went to go work for Abruzzi’s son. Lincoln was smuggling boxes and was told not to look in the box, but he did. Lincoln dumped the box and now owes him $100,000. Lincoln uses this as leverage to get on one of his smuggling planes to get the group back to the states.

Whip and Sucre notice Michael’s picture on the news and decide to grab Michael and go. Abruzzi’s son calls with a location to get a lift back to the United States. The men are off.

In the states, Jacob telling the assassins that Michael is angry that Jacob stole his family and is coming after him. Jacob also brings in a tech to better understand Michael. The tech finds that within Michael’s tattoos there are encrypted files.

Jacob is telling his associates of Michael’s plans as we see Michael enlisting his friends and sending out messages. Jacob thinks he is one step ahead of Michael, but Michael still has the upper hand. He arrives at a small airport with Lincoln in upstate New York. There is a stand off between them and Abruzzi’s son, Michael claims that C-Note is a DEA agent that will raid if they do not forgive Lincoln’s debt. It is enough to work and Michael and Lincoln are forgiven.

After this, they let C-Note go because his face in familiar to Jacob. Sheba on the other hand can stay around and help. Our assassin friends are getting heated. Van is having second thoughts and does not like what Jacob has done to his wife. A & W tells him that there is not escaping their mission, 21 void.

Abruzzi’s son, Luca, figures out they have been tricked and has a friend at transit authority that can figure out where their trucks have gone. Luca is now on the hunt for Lincoln.

Meanwhile in Chicago, Whip asks a cab driver to take him to some coordinates. They end up being in the middle of Lake Michigan.

Michael and Lincoln arrive at Jacob and Sara’s house. Michael notices all of the paper cranes in the drain. Jacob would find them in the mail and throw them down there. Lincoln and Michael break into the house. Michael sees the drawing on the table. He knows something is up. They find completely nothing, so Michael decides to text “Sara.” Michael asks a question only Sara would know the answer to in order to see if she is alive. Michael makes a meeting spot. A black SUV pulls up to the meeting spot claiming to pick up a woman and child. Van tells the SUV to leave, revealing himself to Lincoln. Lincoln then reveals himself to Jacob. Jacob then tells A&W to follow Lincoln. When Lincoln ditches her, he goes back to Jacob. Revealing Jacob to Michael who is high in a building. Jacob thinks he is being followed but it is Sheba. He pulls a gun on her and Sheba claims to be very scared. Jacob rides away. When they find the car, Michael finds a drawing that little Michael drew. Big Michael knows that little Michael is like him and knows his drawing might give him information. Little Michael’s drawing is a map to show them where he is being kept. Lincoln sends Sheba away and back to the refugees. Lincoln and Michael are off.

Meanwhile, in Chicago, Whip is renting a boat to get to the middle of the water. T-Bag seems to be there, too. Michael sent him a note to take a life. Could it be Whips? Meanwhile Whip find a canister of blood in a container on the bottom of a buoy. When he returns to the shore, T-Bag is waiting for him. T-Bag reveals he knows Michael Scofield and that he knows Whip’s real name. Wait, what?! 


Little Michael is safe at the lake house, but it seems as if something has happened to Sara. Lincoln and Michael are at the house, but they have company. Lincoln thinks Jacob is on his way back up the driveway. Michael can tell something is wrong with Sara by the way Michael Jr. is acting around him.   The car coming up the driveway is not Jacob, but Luca shooting at Lincoln. Michael goes inside to get Little Michael.   Mike Jr. says that he did not leave a map and that they needed to run. When Michael goes to get up A & W pulls a brunette wig off and aims a gun at them. The last thing we see is blood splatter!

What is going to happen? Can both Lincoln and Michael be all right? Will Jacob come back? Where is Sara? The suspense is real people! Only 1 episodes left!


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