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Congress Rep. Ted Poe Demands Overturn Of Brock Turner Sentence

Roxanne Powell | PopWrapped Author

Roxanne Powell

Staff Writer
06/13/2016 3:07 pm
PopWrapped | Current Events
Congress Rep. Ted Poe Demands Overturn Of Brock Turner Sentence | poe
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Texas Republican and Congress member Ted Poe has demanded Brock Turner's newly reduced three month prison sentence (reduced from six months) be overturned. Poe read "large portions" of the 23-year-old woman's 12-page account "on the House floor on Capitol Hill Thursday morning." Afterwards, he demanded the Court of Appeals overturn Judge Aaron Presky's "pathetic" sentence.

Brock Turner was found guilty of three felony charges this past March. One of these charges included the rape of an unconscious woman behind a dumpster at Stanford University. They had both been attending the same frat party.

According to Judge Presky, Turner will get three months in Santa Clara County jail with "good behavior," as anything longer would "severely impact" Turner's life.

Not that what he did had actual consequences on other people.

The woman, who has chosen to remain anonymous, read her statement aloud to Turner during the same hearing as Turner's father. Since its publication this last Friday, June 2, the letter has been read in its entirety by millions of people.

After reading parts of the letter, Poe also called for the "ousting" of Judge Presky.

“Mr. Speaker, I was a criminal court judge and prosecutor for 30 years, this judge got it wrong,” Poe said to the Speaker of the House in a prepared statement.

In a later interview with BuzzFeed News, Poe expanded on his statement, saying, “The judge should be removed from the bench. The people of California have the ability to do so, and they should.”

Since his initial sentencing, Turner has appealed his case. Poe is “glad this arrogant defendant has appealed his case." The appeal could backfire on Turner and allow the court to give him a "harsher sentence."

“The appeals court must make this right and overturn this pathetic sentence,” Poe said.

Ted Poe is a former judge and has worked on several sexual assault cases. He has also worked with the victims of these cases. In his current position as chair of the Congressional Victims' Rights Caucus, he has helped the state of Texas pass registration of sex offenders.

“As a grandfather, I want to know that my granddaughters are growing up in a society that has zero tolerance for this crime. No means no.”

The House of Representatives was "enthusiastic and supportive" of Poe's speech. he went on to explain how the current judicial system is flawed, and often handles cases of sexual assault and abuse "badly."

“The many women I’ve talked to who are victims of sexual assault and rape have let me know the way the world really is,” Poe said, “and it’s not the way the world should be.”

Even with Rep. Poe asking for Judge Presky's removal, along with the "hundreds of thousands" of online petitions that have been signed to that effect, it is unlikely any change will be made to the judge's position.

According to Long Beach political consultant David Gould, there has never "been a recall on a Superior Court judge in the state.”

But just because it has never been done does not mean it cannot be done.


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