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#SPNPHX Spotlight: Mark Sheppard Panel

Carleen | PopWrapped Author


Staff Writer
06/17/2017 12:27 pm
PopWrapped | Fandom
#SPNPHX Spotlight: Mark Sheppard Panel  | Mark Sheppard
Media Courtesy of Jessie Gardner Photography

Mark Sheppard graced the Phoenix Supernatural Convention stage for a panel and it was a memorable one for sure. Mark played "King of Hell" Crowley, who was introduced as Crowley in the middle of season 5 of Supernatural. Crowley has been seen as an off-and-on secret ally to the Winchester brothers. Phoenix was honored when Mark came on stage for the panel.

Panel Highlights:

Crowley's Departure

Mark made it very clear that his story as Crowley has run its course. He mentions that the show is about Sam and Dean Winchester. "We love the show for the Winchesters. I love to watch the show." He then started to talk about the different arcs throughout the past seasons. Near the end Mark had said that he loved doing what he did on the show, but Crowley's arc is finished. 


Mark is a Princess Bride Fan

Mark got into a movie rant after a fan asked him what his favorite movie was. He initally told the audience there were too many movies to go through, however, just as he was getting ready to answer the next question, he told the audience how "bloody fantastic" The Princess Bride was. He went in depth to say that the book is even more brilliant.

Mark on his fans

Mark has nothing but the most respect for his fans. I think this part of the panel hit me the most. He went into various stories about different encounters he has had with fans. Thinking back on all the stories, something hit me when he said, "The nicest thing you can say to a performer or someone whose work you truly love, and you love their work is to say, 'I love your work.'" Those words were so impactful. He ended by saying he apperciates all of his fans.

What is Mark doing now?

Well he isn't telling fans what he is up to post Supernatural. What he did tell us is that he will dress up as Castiel and come to more conventions (I mean since his costume is so cheap).

After all was said and done, Mark received a standing ovation from the audience. It was obvious that the fans in the room are going to miss him and Crowley very much. Don't forget to keep up with Mark on Twitter and check out Creation Entertainment for all of your Supernatural Convention News. 



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