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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Supergirl: 02x01, The Adventures of Supergirl

Shae Frierson | PopWrapped Author

Shae Frierson

10/16/2016 3:06 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Supergirl: 02x01, The Adventures of Supergirl | Adventures
Media Courtesy of CW

Welcome back, Karaphiles! After months and months of waiting impatiently, the time has finally come! New network, new season, same amazing show! Needless to say, we’re pretty excited! If you missed last season’s finale, here’s the gist: Kara, Cat, and Max managed to free the humans from Myriad’s influence and stop the world from being blown to bits. After this victory, everything seemed to be going great with Alex and J’onn back and Kara and James finally together -- until, that is, a Kryptonian pod landed on Earth and we were left to wonder who could possibly be inside. Now, let’s just pick up where we left off!

Kara and Hank fly off to find the mystery pod. When Kara opens the pod, she discovers a comatose man inside. Back at the new and improved DEO, it becomes clear that the man is Kryptonian, or at the very least, some other species of alien. Alex and J‘onn draft Winn to help them figure out exactly where the man came from. Winn, of course, is very eager to help.

But Kara can’t dwell on this too long, as she prepares for her first date with James. Alex notes that she seems more nervous than excited, but Kara denies it. Thankfully, she’s saved by the text when Cat calls her back to the office to ask her about what job she wants. (If you recall, Cat promoted her and offered her the chance to choose a new position.) Much to Cat’s dismay, Kara is still undecided. The one idea she comes up with is marketing, but Cat shuts that down and tells her to dig deeper and find her calling. Unfortunately, being Supergirl isn’t a position at CatCo, so Kara is left confused.

Back at her apartment, Kara gets ready for her date with James. He arrives with her favorite foods, and they prepare to watch the Venture -- a local ship -- launch into orbit. The ship takes off without a hitch, but, moments later, there’s an explosion, and the ship begins to plummet. Meanwhile, in Metropolis, a certain clumsy reporter hears the news about the ship’s malfunction (Well, hello, Clark Kent...) and takes off to help. At the same, Kara takes off to help from her end.

The two cousins meet in the sky, and, together, they manage to land the ship safely. Back at the DEO, everyone -- including, not surprisingly, Winn -- is starstruck by Superman. Everyone, that is, except for J’onn. Apparently the two of them have a history, and it’s not exactly friendly. Kara takes Clark to see the mystery Kryptonian. Winn reveals that the man passed through something called the Wall of Stars on his descent to earth, which would explain why he remained young (as time doesn’t pass there).

J’onn brings everyone up to speed on the Venture, and Clark volunteers to investigate. J’onn is hesitant to accept his help, but Kara insists. Back at CatCo, Cat is freaking out over Clark Kent. (I mean, honestly, can you blame her?) Apparently, they have a history -- meaning she turns into putty every time he’s around and drunk dials him from time to time. Cat takes Clark on a tour, leaving James and Kara to talk. Kara apologizes to James for interrupting their date and proposes that they reschedule.

Alex calls Kara and tells her that Lena Luther (sister of notable Superman adversary, Lex Luther) was supposed to be aboard the Venture but bowed out before the explosion. Kara and Clark head off to investigate. Meanwhile, in a creepy warehouse, two men discuss using drones to take out an unknown target from afar. The man controlling the drone, Corbin, uses it to kill the other man then calls a mystery person with a connection to the Luthers to say that since the Venture didn’t explode and he’s switching to plan B.

At Luther Corp, Lena says that she cancelled her trip on the Venture because of an emergency with her company renaming event. She tells Clark and Kara about being adopted and the connection she had to Lex when they were kids. But, after Lex went dark and got arrested, she vowed to pivot her company by renaming it and making things good again. She offers them information on the part they contributed to the Venture and asks Clark to give her a chance.

Outside, Clark states that he doesn’t believe her, but Kara is less hasty to dismiss Lena’s claims. Clark gets a call from Lois, which prompts Kara to ask him how he manages to balance his double lives. She tells him that she’s stuck and doesn’t know how to move forward. He tells her that balancing her lives won’t be hard, but being Kara is just as important as being Supergirl. He tells her to trust her heart, and she’ll know if things are right with James.

Back at the DEO, Alex discovers why there’s tension between Superman and J’onn. Apparently, J’onn was the one to discover and name Kryptonite. Clark wanted it all destroyed, but J’onn thought the DEO needed a way to protect themselves from Krytonians. Meanwhile, Winn discovers that the oscillator that exploded on the ship was planted beneath Lena’s seat, making her the target, not the culprit.

Realizing that she’s going to be targeted again, Clark and Kara rush off to help. As Lena takes off in a helicopter, the vehicle is surrounded by drones. Knowing that these drones will be an easy task for the Supercousins, Corbin has a back up plan, planting drones around the city to target civilians. Kara takes care of the chopper while Clark races off to stop the rogue drones. As a team, they manage to save everyone from any real harm. With the chopper safely landed, Kara tells Lena that someone is trying to kill her.

Back at CatCo, James confronts Kara about her changing feelings. Kara tells him that she’s not sure what she wants anymore, and James leaves her to contemplate her feelings along. Meanwhile, Cat is struggling with her new assistant and seems to be struggling internally as well. Deflecting a little, she asks Kara why she’s not seizing the opportunities in front of her. Cat tells her that she needs to dive into the new version of herself and stop being afraid. She tells Kara that she has 12 hours to decide her new job.

At the DEO, the team lifts prints off of one of the fallen drones to find that a man named John Corbin is behind the assassination attempts. Since Lena refuses to cancel her renaming ceremony, Clark, Alex, and Kara plan to attend. Clark and J’onn talk about their issues. Clark tells him that, as long as the DEO houses Kryptonite, he can’t be a part of their operation.

Later, at the renaming ceremony, Lena is determined to distance herself from her brother’s legacy and to repay the debt that the Luther family owes to Metropolis. As she gives her heartfelt speech, there’s an explosion, and Kara, as Supergirl, is forced to stop the Luther Corp building from falling. Clark joins her, and Winn tells them how to fix it, as Alex protects Lena from Corbin on the ground. Kara gets the building repaired, and Alex fights Corbin.

Kara comes to help her, and Corbin reveals that Lex hired him to kill Lena. Just as Corbin is about to shoot Alex, Lena shoots him, and he’s down for the count. Back at Luther Corp, Lena thanks Clark and Kara for their story about her company. Clark apologizes for making assumptions about her, and she accepts. Lena asks Kara why her name wasn’t on the byline, and Kara, again, insists that she’s not a reporter. Lena seems to think otherwise.

Back at CatCo, Kara has finally made her decision. She tells Cat that she wants to be a reporter because it will push her out of her comfort zone while still helping people. Cat hands Kara her resume, which has the word “Reporter” written across it. Cat tells her that she had an instinct about Kara from day one, and that’s why she hired her. She tells Kara that she sees a bit of herself in her and that she inspires her before dismissing her in standard Cat fashion and telling her to make her proud.

Cat decides to take her own advice and take the plunge, although into what, we won’t learn until later. On the balcony, James and Kara talk about their relationship. Kara tells James that she listened to her heart and that it’s telling her that they’re better off as friends. James says that they’ll always be friends, but he’s clearly hurt by her decision.

At the DEO, Winn is officially inducted as a DEO agent. Clark tells Kara that he’s enjoyed being around family and that he wants to stick around for a while, especially to hear more stories from Krypton. Kara is more than happy to accommodate him (and we’re pretty pleased to be keeping the Man of Steel for a little while longer). Alex tells the cousins that there’s an armored car robbery in progress, and the two fly off side by side once again.

In the episode’s final scene, John Corbin is hooked up to a gurney but, unfortunately for him, it’s not in the hospital. A woman approaches him and gives him two options: death or a mystery button which will change him. Naturally, he picks the option where he gets to live. The woman commends him on his choice and welcomes him to Cadmus. We see his skin change, as the woman says goodbye to John Corbin and welcomes Metallo into existence.

Final Thoughts:

Wow! So this episode packed a lot into a single show, but it was still very enjoyable! Shoutout to Tyler Hoechlin for being an incredible Superman and an even more amazing Clark Kent. The dynamic between Kara and Clark was so fun to watch, and it's always great to see Winn get tongue-tied over a superhero. One of the things I enjoyed the most about this episode, though, was the new relationship that is blossoming between Cat and Kara. For the first time, it felt more like a friendship than a dictatorship, and it was great to see how much Cat truly cares about Kara. Of course, I have to mention the breakup (if you can even call it that) between James and Kara. To be quite honest, I wasn't upset about that at all. I think Kara needs to focus on herself and balancing her two lives before she can mix in anyone else. Plus, I enjoy the interaction between her team as it is. What will frustrate me, though, is if they go back to doing the will-they-wont-they thing immediately. At least wait until much later in the season, if not Season 3.

Needless to say, I'm pretty excited to learn what the rest of this season has to hold. Until next time, Karaphiles! Don't forget to tweet us your reactions to the premiere!


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