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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Supergirl: 02x07, The Darkest Place

Shae Frierson | PopWrapped Author

Shae Frierson

11/30/2016 12:51 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Supergirl: 02x07, The Darkest Place | Darkest Place
Media Courtesy of CW

Welcome back, Karaphiles! Are you ready to go to The Darkest Place on this week’s Supergirl? Last week, things got a little intense with J’onn mortally wounded, forcing Megan, the not-so-Green Martian, to save him, James making his debut as the Guardian, Alex getting her heart broken by Sawyer, and Mon-El getting kidnapped! How are they ever going to top all of that drama? Let’s find out!

We open with the gang in the alien bar, where Kara makes it known that she’s not exactly onboard with the Guardian playing vigilante in National City (a little hypocritical, if you ask me). James and Winn try to convince her that he’s a good guy but Kara still doesn’t trust him. Alex, on the other hand, theorizes that he’s working with a sidekick (much to Winn’s chagrin). Maggie comes in and things get… awkward. When she tries to apologize to Alex again, Alex tells her that they can still be friends. Fat chance of that.

Meanwhile, Mon-El is his usual witty-self while in Cadmus-lockup. Apparently, his darkest place isn't all that bad. Eventually, he annoys the guard enough to trick him into aiding his escape. Before he can leave the facility, Dr. Luther brings out J’onn and threatens to kill him unless Mon-El stands down. Finding some heroism buried deep within himself (I’m kidding! He’s not so bad), Mon-El agrees to come back in exchange for J’onn’s life.

Darkest Place


But here’s where things get wonky. Back at the DEO, Megan shows up to talk to presumably the real J’onn (plot twist!), who thanks her for helping to save him.   As J’onn continues to bond with Megan, he hallucinates his family and pulls away.

On the streets of National City, the Guardian stops a criminal and leaves him hanging. After he’s gone, another vigilante shows up and shoots the hanging thief. When CatCo gets word of the thief’s murder, for which the Guardian is being blamed, James and a very freaked out Winn work to prove the Guardian’s innocence. James proposes they set a trap to draw the copycat out and Winn agrees.

At the DEO, J’onn tells Kara about his hallucinations. Kara guesses that his visions may be guilt over connecting with Megan (so maybe this is darkest place?). She tells him moving on doesn’t mean that he’ll lose his family. Meanwhile, James confronts the vigilante, and urges him to stop killing. Obviously he refuses. The cops show up and corner the Guardian, letting the vigilante get away. On her way to help the police, Kara is summoned by Dr. Luther, who tells her that they have Mon-El.

Darkest Place


Kara rushes off to save Mon-El but is confronted by J’onn’s doppleganger, the original Hank Henshaw (because apparently everyone we thought was dead actually isn’t). Kara expects an easy fight but it looks like Cadmus gave Hank some alterations and he’s now a cyborg.

At the DEO, Winn finally tells Alex that James is the Guardian and asks her to help them prove his innocence. Back at Cadmus, Kara (now in lockup) tells Mon-El that Cadmus tricked him into staying. Alex visits Maggie to ask her to lay off the Guardian. During their meeting, Alex finally blows up and tells Maggie that she doesn’t want to be her friend after being rejected. Later, Alex and Hank worry about Kara, who has gone M.I.A. At the same time, J’onn has another hallucination—this time of a White Martian—and asks Alex to test his blood.

Dr. Luther visits Supergirl and dictates her evil plan and the reasons behind it (long story short, she’s salty over Superman’s conflict with Lex the super villain). Dr. Luther asks Kara to solar flare, draining her powers, so that she can test her blood. When Kara refuses, Dr. Luther threatens Mon-El, taking away Kara’s choice. Once she’s been drained, the Cadmus flunkies take her blood and deposit her back in the cell.

Meanwhile, Winn deduces the vigilante’s identity, a man name Phillip Karanowsky seeking vengeance for his wife’s murder. Alex’s blood tests reveal that J’onn was injected with White Martian blood and he goes to confront Megan. She reveals that she was the White Martian that helped the Green Martians escape (nope! I was wrong. This is the darkest place...right?). J’onn is unwilling to forgive her and they fight.

Darkest Place


At Cadmus, Jeremiah shows up and helps Kara and Mon-El escape. Unfortunately, after removing the lead bullet from Mon-El in order to save his life, there’s not enough time for Jeremiah to escape with them. Kara promises to come back for him and she and Mon-El flee.

At the bar, Megan refuses to fight back and transforms into her human form, forcing J’onn to kill her as who she wants to be. Elsewhere, the Guardian comes face to face with the vigilante again as he prepares to kill another criminal who evaded justice. James manages to stop him before he can kill the man and Maggie and Alex bring him in, letting the Guardian escape.

Back at the DEO, Kara tells Alex about Jeremiah and the DEO races off to save him. Unfortunately, the Cadmus camp has moved by the time the arrive. Meanwhile, Megan tells J’onn that because of her blood, he’s turning into a White Martian and there’s nothing he can do to stop it.

At Kara’s apartment, Team Super friends the team celebrates safety and the Guardian’s renewed reputation. Kara tells Mon-El that he was brave and that he might be a hero after all. After she leaves, Mon-El asks Winn and James if Kara is seeing anyone. Maggie shows up and tells Alex that she cares about her and that wants to be friends. Alex invites her to play pool later and my new favorite crime solving duo is back in action!

Darkest Place


Kara promises to save Jeremiah. Alex wonders what Cadmus wanted with Kara’s blood. Right on cue, we see Hank Henshaw visiting the Fortress of Solitude, using Kara’s blood to access information about Project Medusa.

Strangely enough, with all of these revelations, this episode still managed to feel a little like a filler piece--trip to the so-called darkest place, not withstanding. Not to say that some crazy things didn’t take place, like Hank Henshaw and Jeremiah being alive, J’onn’s future White Martian status and Mon-El’s interest in Kara being revealed. Ok, maybe that last one isn’t as relevant but it sure made me happy! In any sense, it was clear that the writers were gearing up to head into the epic crossover episode next week! And if a little filler is needed to bring us that bucket of super goodness, then so be it!

Until next week, Karaphiles! Stay super and try to avoid “The Darkest Place!”


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