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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Supergirl: 02x02, The Last Children Of Krypton

Shae Frierson | PopWrapped Author

Shae Frierson

10/21/2016 1:43 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Supergirl: 02x02, The Last Children Of Krypton | Krypton
Media Courtesy of DC HQ

Karaphiles, rejoice! It’s time for another episode of Supergirl! If you missed last week’s episode, you’re in for a treat: Supergirl joined forces with a certain famous cousin of hers to stop Lex Luther’s assassins from killing his sister, Lena. On a more human side of things, Kara finally decided that she wanted to be a reporter, and Clarke decided to stay a while. This should be fun, right? Here we go!

We open with a little family love. Supergirl and Superman race around town, stopping criminals left and right. Back at the DEO, Hank doesn’t seem too thrilled about this new partnership. Alex reminds Hank that he promised to be nice to Clark while he’s in town, but he’s still displeased.

Meanwhile, at Cadmus, Corbin wakes up from his procedure with extraordinary strength, thanks to his new powers. The doctor fills him in on his recent change and tells him that he’s what Cadmus has been waiting for. She also tells him that she’s given him a cause and a method to take down his enemies.

At the DEO, Alex and Hank are upset with Kara because she went out of communication while she was saving the day with Clark. Before Hank can finish scolding her, the lights go out, and, apparently, the rogue Kryptonian is the one to blame. Clark is upset that the DEO is exposing the man to Kryptonite, but Hank believes it’s necessary. The tension there is still pretty palpable, as the team plans to run more tests on the mystery man.

Kara reminds Hank of his promise, and he says he’ll try harder to get along with Superman. Later, at CatCo, Clark accompanies Kara on her first day as a reporter (and she’s adorably giddy). He tells her that she’s going to do great and the cute cousinly bonding continues. After Clark leaves, Cat introduces Kara to her new boss, Snapper Carr (Side note: what the hell kind of name is that?), who seems less than enthused to be working with Kara.

Back at Kara’s apartment, Clark tells Kara that he’s going home and she’s, you know, depressed. Before he can leave, though, the two race off to save a jumper on the bridge who turns out to be John Corbin. Using the Kryptonite that Cadmus implanted in him, he wounds Superman and tells Supergirl to call him Metallo.

Kara tries to fight back, but, with the Kryptonite weakening her, all her blows seem to have no effect. Thankfully, Clark recovers in time to save her before Metallo can kill her. Back at the DEO, Clark is pissed to find out that someone else has access to Kryptonite. Hank reveals that a shipment of Kryptonite was recently stolen, and they believe that it was someone inside the DEO. Winn is pretty giddy about a potential Superman v. Manhunter fight, but, before the tension comes to blows, an ominous voice comes over the system. The voice tells the citizens of National City that the Kryptonians are the enemy, and to side with the aliens is to sentence yourself to death, naming Cadmus as the group behind the message.

Alex is naturally worried about Jeremiah, wondering what Cadmus may have done to him. The team reassures her, and Clark offers to analyze Corbin’s skin (left over from all the punching and stuff) at the Fortress of Solitude. Hank tells Winn to improve upon their anti-Kryptonite tech to help Clark and Kara the next time they go up against Corbin. Needless to say, he’s pretty excited and slightly scared. Hank tells Superman that they should work together, and they head off to the fortress as a team.

Back at CatCo, Kara is surprised to find that Carr isn’t on board with her new job. He tells her that she didn’t earn the job, so she doesn’t have it. Kara tells Cat about Carr's douche-baggery, but Cat tells her to stand up for herself instead of tattling. She tells her to own her power because she’s not going to be around to defend her much longer. Cat reveals that she’s taking a leave of absence from CatCo because she feels like she has nowhere else to go, and she’s tired of swimming in circles. It’s time for her to take her own advice and dive into something new. She and Kara share a hug, and Cat tells her to go show Snapper what she’s made of.

At Cadmus, the doctor is pleased by Metallo’s fight with Superman. Her team is less enthusiastic, telling her that, since the Kryptonians are still alive, it won’t be long before they launch a counterattack. Metallo asks for another chance, and the doctor promises that he’ll get it. She says that Cadmus is ready for phase two and volunteers a mouthier team member as the next subject.

Meanwhile, Hank and Clark arrive at the Fortress of Solitude. Hank offers an olive branch, but Clark is hesitant to take it. Hank tells Clark that he needs a way to protect himself from an attack like what decimated Mars. Clark tells Hank that they need to trust each other, and, without Kryptonite standing in the way, they could have been allies.

Kalex scans the sample and reveals that the metal in Metallo’s skin was called promethium. In National City, Kara tells Alex about her problems at work and her sadness about Clark and Cat leaving. Kara suggests moving to Metropolis to be with Clark, and Alex is naturally upset that she would leave one family to be with another. Kara says that Clark is the only person that understands what it’s like to be her, but Alex reminds her that Clark abandoned her with the Danvers.

Before Kara can respond, Clark calls to update her on the Metallo situation. Winn tracks the source of the promethium to the industrial district, and Clark and Kara head off to face Metallo, unfortunately without their unfinished anti-Kryptonite suits. The fighting starts, but Metallo reveals that he’s just a decoy. In Metropolis, the new convert is launching an attack.

The cousins fly off, leaving Metallo alone in National City. In Metroplis, they find destruction everywhere. Clark feels guilty for not being there to help. Back at the DEO, Alex vents to Winn about Kara. Winn is firmly Team Kara in this instance, and tells Alex to chill. In the process of telling her to shut up and let him work, Winn accidentally gives Alex an idea of how they can track the DEO mole using the residue left by Kryptonite.

They track the residue to an agent name McGill, and Alex tricks him into setting up a fake transport. Kara comes back looking for Alex, and Winn lets slip that about her mission to let McGill lead her to project Cadmus. At the warehouse, before Alex can interrogate McGill, the doctor shoots him. She refuses to tell Alex where her father is but offers her the chance to join Cadmus. Of course, Alex refuses and is unwilling to believe that her father would join up either. The doctor spews her anti-alien venom, but Alex isn’t buying it. She threaten the doctor, and her henchman try to take Alex into custody.

But the badass Danvers sister isn’t going down without a fight and holds the men off long enough for Kara to come help her. The sisters apologize and realize that they’re better together. Kara devises a plan to stop both Metallos. At the DEO, Winn finishes the anti-Kryptonite suits, and Kara tells the team her plan for reinforcements.

Elsewhere, the creepy Cadmus doctor plays right into Kara’s plan, believing the cousins will be divided. In their respective cities, Clark and Kara take on both Metallos with Winn’s suits protecting them both. Now, with the playing field evened, they both enter a fair fight -- until, that is, the suits begin to fail. Thankfully, Kara has a failsafe, and Hank shows up to help Clark while Alex shows up to help Kara. Now with backup, both heroes defeat their foes. They remove the Kryptonite heart from one man, making him human again, while Alex kills Corbin.

Kara speaks to Cadmus through Corbin’s eyes, promising that the fight isn’t over. Later, Kara shows up as Supergirl to say goodbye to Cat. Cat tells her that she’s thrilled about living an unplanned life. She tells Supergirl to be safe, and Kara makes her promise to come back. Back in human form, Kara finds out that James is taking Cat's job. Kara confronts Carr and demands her job, offering him the Metallo story as proof of her worth. He finally agrees to her position but tells her that he doesn’t like her.

Back at the DEO, Hank gives Clark all of his remaining Kryptonite as a real olive branch. Clark says his goodbyes and heads back to Metropolis -- not without an adorable, “I miss you already” text to his favorite cousin! Kara visits the rogue Kryptonian to tell him that he’s not alone. As she speaks, he finally wakes up.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed this episode! Kara and Clark’s dynamic was incredible, and I loved seeing her completely in her element. Once again, I applaud the casting of Tyler Hoechlin, who so perfectly captures both Man of Steel personas and whose chemistry with Melissa is off the charts. I’m definitely sad to see him go, but hopefully he’ll be back at some point for more House of El bonding!

I’m also pretty excited to see how this Cadmus situation develops. I think Jeremiah being involved with Cadmus will add an extra personal connection to this foe, which could be amazing. All in all, I’m very optimistic about the rest of this season!

Until next week, Karaphiles. And, as always, tweet us your responses and predictions!


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