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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Supernatural: 12×11, Regarding Dean

Meghan Harvey | PopWrapped Author

Meghan Harvey

02/14/2017 5:56 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Supernatural: 12×11, Regarding Dean | Regarding Dean
Media Courtesy of Dean Buscher/The CW

Are we ready for "Regarding Dean"? This week’s episode kicks off with Dean chasing a guy through the forest. It appears that it’s just another day for the Winchesters, but, before Dean can catch the guy, he stops and casts a spell on Dean. He wakes up the next morning with no memory of the night before.

Sam and Dean meet up for breakfast, and Dean doesn’t quite seem like himself. They assume it’s simply the effects of an epic night and a wicked hangover. Dean’s forgetfulness gets worse and worse, and he starts forgetting details about the case they’re working on and how to drive. Eventually, it's to the point where he can’t even remember his own name, and Sam realizes it must be something more. He calls Rowena, who is able to diagnose Dean’s ailment as a witch's curse. The only way to break it is to kill the witch who cast the spell.

This means retracing Dean’s steps from the night before. It was actually a pretty epic night and included some mechanical bull riding. Dean continues to forget stuff and eventually finds out that monsters are real and that he and his brother are the heroes who fight them and his best friend is an angel (“Best job ever!”). The good news is they discover the tree with the hex; the bad news is the witch who placed it there is dead, and the curse didn’t die with him.

Rowena recognizes the witch, Gideon, and explains she stayed with his family after the British Men of Letters ran her out of England. She explains Gideon has two siblings who have the Druidic spell book that holds the key that will help them break Dean’s curse. Unfortunately, they're running out of time, as soon Dean will forget how to breathe.

The witch family manages to kidnap Sam, which gives Rowena the chance to seek her revenge on the family that tossed her out long ago, but she’s not up to snuff and ends up pinned to a wall. Thankfully for Rowena and Sam, Dean hasn’t forgotten how to read and follows a series of Post-it notes in the Impala that lead him to some witch-killing bullets, and he saves the day. Rowena is then able to break the curse and restore his memory.


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