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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Supernatural: 12x14, The Raid

Meghan Harvey | PopWrapped Author

Meghan Harvey

03/09/2017 5:05 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Supernatural: 12x14, The Raid | The Raid
Media Courtesy of The CW

Are we ready for "The Raid?" Last week, we left off with Sam and Dean hesitantly ready to hear Mary out about her working with the British Men of Letters. This week, she is doing her best to explain to the boys that, through the British Men of Letters, she is actually learning a “better way of hunting” that could eventually rid the world of monsters, which is the one thing she wants most for her boys. While Sam is hearing her out, Dean is having none of it. He, of course, feels she’s choosing the British Men of Letters and the “better way of hunting“ over them. “You didn’t need just space. You needed space from us,” he tells Mary. “How about, for once, you try just being our mom?” “I’m not just a mom, and you’re not just a child,” Mary explains. He tells “Mary” to head for the door.

Dean cuts Mary off, not taking her calls or anything, and, in no uncertain terms, tells Sam that he needs to choose sides. Sam, on the other hand, is hellbent on finding a middle ground to bring Dean and Mary together. Sam goes to see Mary at the British Men of Letters' headquarters. Mary explains to Sam that she only wants him to have a normal life, like the one he would’ve had if he had finished college. Sam joins Mary in a meeting about Phase One of Project V, the British Men of Letters' mission to rid America of vampires. As it turns out, Mary (and team) have been wiping out vamp nests with an “AVD,” which stands for Anti-Vampire Device. Of the of the 241 vampires they went after during Phase One, only 11 are left.

The British Men of Letters, Mick and Mr. Ketch, discuss between one another how their boss wants Sam and Dean on their team because, if they can bring in Sam and Dean, they think all American hunters will follow. Mr. Ketch pays Dean a visit, offering up an old bottle of scotch and the inside tip on the vamp’s nest. Dean bites. But, when they get there, there’s only one vamp left, and she tells them that the rest of the vamps have gone hunting ... for hunters.

Back at headquarters, the vampires arrive to attack, including the Alpha. The Alpha confronts the British Men of Letters and explains that, though he was aware of the vampires being wiped out in England, he had let it go. But, now that they had come to America, they needed to get off his lawn. Mary orders the hunter helping to get “the Colt.” Sam realizes that Mary had stolen the Colt AND lied about it. But the more pressing problem is that, though they have the Colt, they don’t have the bullets. Luckily, Sam remembers Bobby’s recipe for making them and gives the recipe to Mick while he and Mary hold off the vamps. Through some serious maneuvering, Mick gets the bullet to Sam, and they manage to take down the Alpha.

Dean, having rushed to the scene thinking Mary was in danger, decides that, though he doesn't agree with her choices, Mary is an adult, and he has to respect her right to make those choices. What Dean doesn't know, however, is Sam has decided helping the British Men of Letters might be the way to go. “You’re changing the world, and I want to be a part of it,” Sam tells Mick. But he is going to need some time to convince his brother...


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