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Television PopWrapped | Television

Supernatural: 5 Ways It Could End

Kyle Walton | PopWrapped Author

Kyle Walton

04/12/2017 6:34 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Supernatural: 5 Ways It Could End | Supernatural
Media Courtesy of CW

The CW Network’s Supernatural is currently airing Season 12, with another season on the way, making it one of the longest-running drama series on television today. For a show about two brothers who travel around the U.S. hunting all sorts of evil beings like demons, vampires, and werewolves, that’s impressive.

Supernatural has earned itself an impressive following over the years, with an average of over 1.5 million viewers tuning in each and every week. In fact, the series’ intense fandom is probably the reason the show is still going strong, even after series creator Eric Kripke planned for it to end after five seasons. It seems that fans just can’t get enough of the Winchesters' monster-hunting antics.

But it hasn’t all been monster hunts for Sam and Dean Winchester. Together, they’ve stopped the apocalypse twice, locked Lucifer himself in a cage in hell, and went one on one with God’s evil sister. This begs the question; will Sam and Dean ever stop fighting? If so, what will finally make the brothers call it a career? Without further ado, PopWrapped is listing 5 ways Supernatural could end.

5. Sam and Dean Hang It Up

At first glance, this ending seems unlikely seeing as how Sam and Dean have considered retirement multiple times but just can’t ever seem to fully commit. That said, they have considered it multiple times.

The problem is, however, some evil entity bent on destroying the world always ends up dragging the boys back into service. But what if they finally encountered something that was truly unbeatable, then beat it (in true Winchester fashion) and finally called it quits? Finally, Sam and Dean could hang up their iron crowbars and salt containers, move out of the Men of Letters compound, and begin their lives anew.

The problem with this is Sam and Dean probably wouldn’t adjust well to life in the real world. Truth be told, they’ve spent almost fifteen years fighting evil, and they’ve probably seen too much to return to the mundanity of everyday society. Could it happen? Yes. Will it happen? Maybe, but probably not.

4. God and Amara Destroy All Monsters

This option is drawn straight from the abrupt ending of Season 11, when God almighty (otherwise known as Chuck) and his evil sister, the Darkness Amara, kissed and made up after spending the entire year trying to completely destroy one another. It was a rushed ending and felt unfinished for many fans. This option allows for God and the Darkness to return from their cosmic vacation, this time fully united, and tie up loose ends.

In Season 11, we saw the kind of power that both God and his sister possess, but imagine the levels their power could reach now that they are unified. The Winchesters have fought every monster imaginable, yet they just keep coming. In the current season, however (SPOILERS AHEAD for those who aren’t caught up), the British Men of Letters seem to have devised a plan that could truly destroy all monsters. Therefore, we know that this is a possibility.

Still, though, this plan could fail. In which case, Sam and Dean are right back to square one, fighting and killing any and all monsters they come across for all eternity. But what if this didn’t have to be the case? What if Chuck and Amara take pity on the Winchesters and return to free them from their duties by wiping out every evil being on Earth? They definitely have the power to do so, and, after their petty catfight in Season 11 almost brought about an end to space and time, we’d say they owe the Winchesters one. 

3. One Dies (Permanently), One Retires (Permanently)

If one thing is for certain in Supernatural, it’s that the brothers will stop at nothing to save one another from death and damnation. Since Season 1, either Sam or Dean have died a whopping 124 times (if you count the 103 deaths Dean suffered in Season 3’s “Mystery Spot”), and, each time, one brother has had a hand in restoring the other to the realm of the living.

However, imagine for a second that there finally came a time where one of the Winchesters just couldn’t be saved. This very well could happen, seeing as how the reaper Billie has been gunning for Dean for years now.

In fact, this situation has technically happened before. When Dean first goes to hell to pay the price for selling his soul, Sam gives up hunting for a time. Eventually, however, after Castiel pulls the elder Winchester from Hell, Sam gets back into the swing of things.

But the fact that Sam found it with himself, even if just once, to call it quits after the (seemingly) permanent death of his brother might mean he could do it again. As for Dean, well that would require something really huge, especially because of how protective Dean has always been of his baby brother. 

2. Chuck Hits Reset

At this point in the series, we’ve seen it all. After meeting God himself, what else is there for Sam and Dean to do? They could just keep hunting forever, but that just isn’t a satisfying conclusion to the Winchesters’ decade-and-a-half long odyssey.

Many fans have speculated that the series may end on a happy note. That is, God (Chuck) returning to Earth to finally show his respect for everything the Winchesters have done for his children over the years by returning them to their childhood. This figurative hitting of the reset button is an oddly fitting one for the conclusion of the series, seeing as how Sam and Dean’s biggest wish seems to be that they could have lived a normal life.

Imagine this: Sam and Dean save the world one final time, but they wonder what they should do next. Just then, Chuck returns from wherever he disappeared to and thanks the boys for always prioritizing the good of all mankind above their own interests.

As a final thank you, Chuck rewrites the Winchesters’ story and sends them back to their childhood in 1983. Only this time, both their parents are alive and well, there is no housefire, there is no yellow-eyed demon, and there is no hunting. Sam and Dean Winchester are simply normal children with normal lives, and, eventually, they grow up to be normal (but still unquestionably badass) adults.

This is likely the most peaceful way to end Supernatural, and it’s probably the most fitting -- unless, of course, one considers our number one option for how the series could end.

1. Sam and Dean Die Fighting Side by Side

After all the deaths Sam and Dean Winchester have experienced, after all the times they stopped the apocalypse and saved the world, one thing is for certain: they couldn’t have done it without each other. That said, perhaps the best way the brothers could conclude their long journey is the way most hunters do, by going down swinging.

Arguably, this ending is more befitting than anything else on this list. Sam and Dean are and always have been fighters. Usually, fighters of this caliber do not go out quietly; they don’t ride off into the sunset. Sam and Dean are no exception. Since Season 1, countless monsters, demons, angels, and even humans have been trying to take the boys down. So far, they’ve all failed.

But perhaps after everything Sam and Dean have been through, they will finally meet their match. Perhaps they will finally come to that one thing that they just can’t stop, and, as a result, they die together. It’s almost poetic really. Two brothers who would do anything for one another, would go any distance to protect their fellow man, simply die doing what they were best at: saving the world. It’s not a happy ending -- it’s not a complicated ending -- but it might just be the right ending.

How do you think Supernatural should end? Do you agree with anything on our list? We hope you enjoyed!


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