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The Razzie Awards Nominations Are In!

Every year, we celebrate the greatest films with the Oscars and the Golden Globes, but sometimes it's important to appreciate the worst the year in movies had to offer. Bring on the Razzie Awards! 2016 brought us some terrible films, according to the critics anyway, and the Razzies would like to honor those films by giving an award to the worst of the worst. Take a look at the 

Carrie Fisher’s Urn Looks Like A Giant Prozac Pill

The loss of Carrie Fisher took many of us by surprise after her sudden death, but it seems that, even in death, she's giving us reasons to smile.At the combined funeral for Fisher and her iconic mother, Debbie Reynolds, Todd Fisher was spotted at the private ceremony holding a porcelain urn with Carrie's ashes. ...

2016 Reimagined As A Horror Movie By Friend Dog Studios

2016 was the nightmare that we just couldn’t wake up from. We lost one hero after the other. A gorilla became an undying meme. Phones burst into flames. And we, as a country, managed to elect Donald Trump as president. It wasn’t the best of years, and we were all ready to move on to 2017 and get on with our lives, keeping our fingers crossed that a new year would do away with the past. Unfortunately ...

Billie Lourd Speaks On Loss Of Carrie Fisher And Debbie Reynolds

Although the world mourned over the loss of beloved actresses Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds at the end of this past year, no one has as unique of a perspective as Billie Lourd.

2016: The Year Pop Culture Died

If February 3, 1959 was the Day the Music Died, then 2016 was the year pop culture died. Not just the music world -- film, sports, and politics, too, were all dealt iconic losses. Faces that have been around for most if not all of our lives have shuffled off this mortal coil, leaving gaps that cannot be filled.

A Tribute To TV’s Fallen Favourites Of 2016

TV has come to an end for the year, and, overall, it has been marvelous. 2016 had so many great new shows, so many great new characters, and we are very much looking forward to what 2017 has to offer. But, before we look ahead, I thought I'd take a moment to remember all the beloved TV characters who met their end this year. I asked the PopWrapped staff, and here are a few of the deaths that made us cry the most: <...

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