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Sean Spicer Plays Twenty Questions At Apple

Sean Spicer, the White House Press Secretary, was questioned by a customer at the Apple Store on Saturday.

Google Has Something To Say About The WikiLeaks Disclosure

The latest news from WikiLeaks is that any device with a camera can be used as a CIA spy device. Phones, tablets, televisions, even wireless baby monitors. But, just like Apple has been saying, if we update our devices regularly, we "should be safe." Google is the latest in a series of tech companies to "weigh in" on the statement in an attempt to p...

Apple’s New iOS 10.2 Causing Even More Problems

Upgrading to the latest OS on any device can be a gamble these days, especially with the new iOS 10.2. Apple customers are far too familiar with many of the caveats of jumping into such updates, much of the time having the proverbial carrots dangled in front of us in the form of shiny new features and unparalleled intuitive interface.But should you?

Idiots Drill Holes Into Their iPhone 7s Because A Prank Video Said So

Humans are smart. We've built skyscrapers and cured diseases and been to the moon! Yet some people still fall for silly pranks on the internet. You know, because if it's on the internet, it's definitely real.The latest example of mankind completely failing is with a new viral video made by Taras Maksimuk, who, on his account called TechRax, does a tutorial on how to drill into the bottom of a new iPhone 7 to reveal a secret headphone jack...

Apple’s Tim Cook Insists You Won’t Lose Your iPhone’s Ear Pods

When Apple released the much awaited iPhone 7, one of the main talking points was the loss of the standard 3.5mm jack. Instead, they are being released with Lightning ear pods and a Lightning-to-3.5mm jack adapter.The tech giant explained that losing the standard jack was meant to help make the new phone waterproof as well as to add the new innovation. The ear pods, called Airpods, are wireless earphones you will need to purchase separat...

Grammar Snob Is The Best App For The Worst Kind Of People

Depending on what type of person you are, "Grammar Snob" is either the best app or the worst app ever released. The app, developed by Missouri's John Haney, consists of a series of stickers that can be applied to text messages before sending them back. Simply put, it allows grammar snobs the opportunity to lose friends and family by incessantly correcting their horrific grammatical errors.The stickers look like handwritten corrections, com...

Apple Teams Up With South Korean Battery Company For Apple Car

Yes, you read that correctly: the Apple car. Apple was approached by Samsung last year "to develop battery technologies for its wideley rumored electric vehicle" and has since brought a small South Korean battery company into the foldWhile Apple has been thinking about jumping into the electric car market for some time, there is a big difference between maki...

New MacBook Pro Models Coming Soon From Apple

Since Apple's laptop line launched, we've seen newer and newer models hitting the market with regularity. Except for the MacBook Pro line, which has not been updated since March 2015. Now, according to DigiTimes, Apple is "gearing up" to release new Pro laptops in the second half of 2016.The new 13- and 15-inch MacBooks will be relea...

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