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Florida Attorney Amaris Ayala Refuses Governor Order For Death Penalty

Florida State Attorney Aramis Ayala announced that her office would not take "the death penalty in any cases" after Governor Rick Scott said he wanted Markeith Loyd prosecuted for killing a police officer. Ayala, the first black female prosecutor in Florida, claimed she reviewed the case and concluded "that there is no evidence to show that imposing the death penalty imp...

Boulder County, Colorado Has A Cranky Attorney General Bent On Shutting Down Gay Marriage

 I am so excited for the states who are finally able to give same sex couples the rights they deserve. So when I read that there is a single man on a mission to ruin that for thousands, it irritates me beyond belief.While the Boulder County Clerk, Hillary Hall, is handing out LEGAL (yeah, you heard me) marriage licenses, the Colorado Attorney General John Suthers is a

Attorney General Announces Plans To Give Same-Sex Couples More Rights

Hannah Daglish Staff WriterIn a big step towards marital equality for all, the Department of Justice is to act to give same-sex marriages “full and equal recognition, to the greatest extent possible under the law”, according to the Huffington Post.  In a speech on Saturda...

BREAKING: Attorney General Announces That Obama Administration Will Recognize Same-Sex Utah Marriage On The Federal Level

Dani Strehle Content EditorTwo days ago, we brought you news from Utah where Governor Gary Herbert had declared that all same-sex marriages which had taken place would be considered null and avoid unless or until the Federal ...

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