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The 5 Most Hyped Films Coming This Spring

Although the world of film is more accustomed to releasing the year's biggest hits during the summer blockbuster and the winter holiday periods, great movies can be released year-round.As a matter of fact, some of 2017's best films are pegged for a release this spring. The following are the five most talked-about hyped films coming to theaters in Spring 2017. <...

First Full Length Trailer For Beauty And The Beast Is Released And It’s Pure Magic

The wait is finally over. The first full-length trailer for the upcoming live-action adaptation of Beauty and The Beast is released, and it is nothing but pure magic.

Disney Hollywood Studios Announces New Nighttime Spectacular, ‘Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM!’

It’s been nine months since the 'Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights' ended at Disney Hollywood Studios, and, to ease our worries, the theme park has just announced a new nighttime holiday spectacular.The show, entitled Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM!, will feature fireworks, various special effects, snow, and projections of some of your favorite Disney characters. The spectacular will be shown in front of Disney Hollywood Studios...

Loudinni Reviews: Pete’s Dragon Delivers On Nostalgia

Man, I did a lot of ugly face crying during this movie, more than once. I understood it was shameless emotional manipulation, but I felt like I got a sufficient payoff at the end. It's not at all the previous incarnation of PETE'S DRAGON from the 70s (although it is set hazily somewhere in the same decade), but Helen Reddy cannot be replicated and tastes change.The other two adults I shared this experience with, however, appeared as t...

Emma Watson Makes Her Belle Debut In Beauty And The Beast Live-Action Trailer

The first trailer for Disney's live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast has dropped, and we are beyond excited!The trailer begins by showing us the Prince's castle -- how it was before and how it is now. Pre- and post-curse, if you will. The castle's rooms have lost their happy glow, and the painting on the wall has been slashed -- and we all know by whom.Then, the front door opens, and we hear Cogsworth (Ian ...

Ewan McGregor Cast As Brothers (Plural!) In Fargo

What can be better than having Ewan McGregor every week on our TVs? Well, how does having Ewan McGregor playing two roles on one of the best series of our times, sound? Much better, right? Well, it’s happening. Ewan McGregor is relocating to Fargo.The Scottish actor has been cast to play dual lead roles, brothers Emmit Stussy and Ray Stussy on FX’s Emmy-winning anthology series’ third season.The brothers cou...

Emma Stone Confirmed To Play Cruella De Vil As Disney Announces Nine New Live-Action Titles

As we reported a couple of weeks ago, Disney is developing many live-action remakes of beloved animated favourites. The company has just confirmed a Cruella De Vil origin live-action movie, entitled Cruella, which will be fronted by Emma Stone.Stone will not be the first human Cruella. The fur-lover was played to perfection before by Glenn Close in 1...

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