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Kurt Cobain And Nirvana: The Ten Best Songs Of A Revolutionary

It goes without saying that anyone familiar with the history of mainstream music will have, in some form, heard the tragic tale of a rock band called Nirvana and the fate of their conflicted but iconic front-man Kurt Cobain, who (allegedly) took his own life at the height of his popularity on April 5, 1994 at the age of 27.

Top 15 Favorite Darren Criss Performances

As we ring in Darren Criss' 30th birthday today, we would like to countdown 15 of Darren's most memorable and fun performances from Glee, Team StarKid, Elsie Fest and more.  Let's get to the countdown!

Celebrate Mel Gibson’s Birthday With His Top 10 Films

Mel Gibson turned 61 last week, and, to celebrate his amazing career filled with films, we'd like to count down what we think are his 10 best. Follow along with our list and hopefully you agree with the choices we've made. If you have other films that you think should be included, comment with your thoughts!

Pop 10 Classic Bryan Adams Hits

Bryan Adams is a musician, philanthropist, and photographer hailing from Canada but known across the globe. Born in Kingston, Ontario, he shot to fame in the 1980s thanks to a steady stream of amazing hits. He was born on November 5th, 1959 as Bryan Guy Adams, after the infamous Guy Fawkes.

5 Times We Loved Watching Brandon Jay McLaren Take Over Our Television Screen

Yesterday, we celebrated the birthday of Canadian actor Brandon Jay McLaren! It seems like McLaren is always working on new projects, so we thought we would revisit our favorite roles!

Dylan Bennett in Slasher (2016)

The eight-episode horror anthology focuses on copycat murders taking place in Dylan’s wife’s hometown. He becomes the editor-in-chief of the local newspaper and has to balance his career with trying to ...

Mark Hamill Shares Jedi Training Photo For Daisy Ridley’s Birthday

We all know or at least assume that the next Star Wars film will deal with Rey's Jedi training in some way with Luke Skywalker.  Well, April 10th was Daisy Ridley's birthday and as a happy birthday message, Mark Hamill shared an awesome photo from the set.The photo displays Hamill as the Yoda teacher figure who is being carried by his new Jedi in training.  R...

Lady Gaga Steps Out On Birthday Wearing Possible Wedding Band

As if her 30th birthday this past weekend wasn't a big enough milestone (attended by the likes of Taylor Swift, Pharrell Williams, and Kate Hudson), Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney may have succeeded where few celebrity couples can. Could they be navigating the general chaos of a wedding on their own terms and in secret? Dressed in a gold Saint Laure...

The Beckhams Share Sweet Instagram Posts Marking Brooklyn’s Birthday And Mother’s Day

Ah, the Beckhams. They seem to have everything: wealth, fame, talent, and good looks. But, of course, this is typical of most celebrity families. What sets them apart, though, is the fact that David and Victoria have been able to forge a strong family unit.There are problems in any relationship, but, as far as we can tell, the football star and his Spice Girl wife have remained devoted to each other while raising their beautiful brood.

Pop 12 Reasons We Love Ed Sheeran

Alright Sheerios, in honor of Sir Sheeran's 25th birthday, we're counting down the Pop 12 reasons we all love Ed Sheeran! Let's just dive right in, shall we?12. He is ALL of us when it comes to fandoms!Ed Sheeran is a self-proclaimed and constantly proven nerd and proud of it! He may be one of the world's top-selling artists but when it comes to his favorite fandoms, he's just as adorkable as all of us!

A Celebration Of Tom Hiddleston In Honor Of His Birthday

In honor of February 9th, Tom Hiddleston's birthday, we at PopWrapped decided to take a look at some of his best performances and remind ourselves why the man is so amazing!First up is Hiddleston's most iconic performance, Loki. This role is what launched him into the celebrity he is today. If you've ever been on Tumblr, you'll know how popular Hiddleston's character is. Loki is the only Marvel villain to outshine the hero for which the movie...

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