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5 Tips To Help Ease The Boredom While Being Trapped Indoors This Winter

2017 has been in full swing and you might be doing really well with your New Year's Resolutions. But mother nature might have casually reminded you that it's winter, and now boredom has hit, and you're kind of stuck indoors while the weather outside is frightful.


As his popularity continues to grow since his arrival on the music scene eighteen months ago, Vance Joy takes to the stage a little after 7.30pm to entertain the 15,000 'Swifties' before him.  His thirty minute set sees him engage the crowd in a brief, arena-wide hand-clap, perform a rather good cover of Sam Smith's 'Stay With Me,' and finally round out his performance by encouraging those before him to take over vocal duties on his most popular song 'Riptide'. A...

Pop10: Our Fave YouTube Covers Of Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ Tracks

Whether you're a lover, hater, or somehow somewhere in between, there's no denying that Taylor Swift has been one of, if not the, biggest breakout pop star in the past decade. Red showed the makings of something new for the young country starlet, and before you knew it, she was full-on pop with the era of "Shake It Off" and the album it'd ushered in with it.1989 is Taylor Swift's first foray into straight-up pop music, and she does it won...

Taylor Swift Applauds Fan Promotion Of 1989

A fan of Taylor Swift's took to Grindr to promote the release of her new album 1989.In a conversation with Frank, the fan replied by messaging back: "Taylor Swift's sales. #Preorder1989oniTunes."Swift responded by posting this screenshot on Tumblr and saying, "I will be applauding you for decades to come for this."1989, the new album from Taylor Swift, ...

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