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5 Reasons You HAVE To Read The Unstoppable Wasp

The Unstoppable Wasp #1 hit shelves on January 4, giving us a look at Nadia, a wonderful and hilarious heroine! Here is why you need to add The Unstoppable Wasp to your reading list.

Battle For The Universe Kickstarter Preview

Battle for the Universe is a new card game that launched today on Kickstarter. Here is a preview of the game to help you decide whether to back it or not.

About the Game

Battle for the Universe is a two player competitive card game with a comic book theme. The designers list it as ages 13+, average difficulty, and 20-60 minutes of play time. However, I'd put it slightly higher on the difficulty and som...

Talking Battle For The Universe With Jonny Hinkle

A new card game called Battle for the Universe is releasing on Kickstarter, January 10th. The game is designed by comic book artist Jonny Hinkle and Billy Miller. I've been playtesting the game over the last few weeks, so expect a preview from PopWrapped soon. In the meantime, I had a brief chat with Jonny Hinkle to introduce you to the game.

See The New ‘Wonder Woman’ Trailer And Posters

Arguably one of the best parts of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice was the arrival of Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot. Not only will she be in DC's upcoming Justice League movies but she has her own solo movie, and this is really important because it's the very first female superhero movie ever. It's about time! Not even Marvel has done ...

Pop 5 Under-Appreciated DC Characters Who Deserve More Screen Time

There are HUNDREDS of characters in the DC Universe, yet most people tend to focus only on the big names, aka the characters who get to have movies on the big screen or shows on TV. <...

Trailer For ‘Logan’, Hugh Jackman’s Final Turn As Wolverine Is Released

The end of an era is upon us. Hugh Jackman, who has portrayed the iconic anti-hero Wolverine in eight films, is set to hang up his claws after the release of the final and ninth film -- and the third Wolverine one -- Logan, which has released its first trailer.The desert and seemingly apocalyp...

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