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Florida Attorney Amaris Ayala Refuses Governor Order For Death Penalty

Florida State Attorney Aramis Ayala announced that her office would not take "the death penalty in any cases" after Governor Rick Scott said he wanted Markeith Loyd prosecuted for killing a police officer. Ayala, the first black female prosecutor in Florida, claimed she reviewed the case and concluded "that there is no evidence to show that imposing the death penalty imp...

Simon & Schuster Cancels Milo Yiannopoulos Book Deal

Milo Yiannopoulos, whose planned event at UC Berkeley campus caused $10,000 worth of damage during community protest, just lost his book deal with the Simon & Schuster company. While the company's official statement did not say why they decided to cancel the deal, we think it might have something to do with Yiannopoulos' comments about pedophilia.

Editorial: How A Loud And Proud Liberal Is Preparing For A Donald Trump Presidency

The Republican National Convention has come to an end, and Donald Trump is officially the 2016 republican presidential candidate.Let that marinate for a moment.Donald Trump. The man that wants to ban and murder Muslims, charge abortion doctors with murder, build a wall to keep out all of the rapists and criminals Mexico is sending us, and wishes he could have sex with his daughter, were it not for those pesky incest laws....

Donald Trump Reveals Position On Illegal Abortion, Or Did He?

Again, Donald Trump is making headlines and outraging the general public after making a comment Wednesday, where he said that if abortions are outlawed in the United States and women still go through with them, then he believes they should face punishment.However, after serious backlash, even from anti-abortion supporters, he took back what he said and stepped away from his position.Trump recently said in an interview w...

Phil Robertson’s Graphic, Murderous Tirade Against Atheists

Phil Robertson is at it again. The Duck Dynasty patriarch has let loose more outrageous comments targeting the "ungodly" of the world.During a Florida prayer breakfast on March 20, the religious zealot described a fictional story of the rape and murder of an atheist family. The graphic and bizarre scenario was his attempt to provide a cautionary ta...

Cardinal Tells Parents To Not ‘Expose’ Children To Gay Couples

Cardinal Raymond Burke, a high ranking official of the Catholic church has stated that parents should not allow their children to have contact with gay couples during family gatherings.When asked by LifeSite...

Stacey Dash Isn’t ‘Clueless’ About Politics As She Becomes An Employee For Fox News

Gillian Horn 
Staff Writer
@Gillian_HornActress Stacey Dash has recently

The Political Journey Ends For A 91-Year-Old Texan

 Jonathan Frahm Staff Writer @JNoodles_The oldest elected Washington official, 91 year-old Rep. Ralph Hall, lost an arduous runoff on May 27. This makes h...

Michele Bachmann Is Tired Of Being “Bullied” By Gay People

Robert Dominic Ventre II Staff WriterIn what might be the most laughable instance of "playing the victim" the world has ever seen, notorious and despised Minnesota state representative Michele Bachmann has stated that she is tired of all the "bullying" the gay community has subjected...

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