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Which Hit CW Shows Have Been Renewed For 2017-2018?

Earlier this week, The CW announced some early renewals of several of the network's hit shows during the Television Critics Association’s Press Tour, held January 8th.Here are the seven CW shows renewed for the 2017-2018 season:

DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow: 02×07, Invasion!

It’s the final countdown, K.A.L.S. (if you are confused by this moniker, please see yesterday’s Arrow recap)! Four episodes deep in this phenomenal invasion themed DC Week crossover event, and it looks like things are about to get even better! Who’s ready for a ride aboard the Waverider? A quick rundown: The team was mad at Barry because of his Flashpoint changes, but problems were set aside ...

Arrow: 05×08, Invasion!

Welcome to Part 3, Kara-Arrow-Legend-Speedsters (henceforth referred to as K.A.L.S.)! Time for the third leg of what has seriously turned into, to quote our beloved Felicity, the “best team-up EVER”! I never thought I’d be this excited about an alien invasion! Yesterday was a bit of a whirlwind, with Barry finally revealing Flashpoint to everyone and half the team going crazy for a hot second! Not to mention, that whole alien abduction thing that happened in...

The Flash: 03×08, Invasion!

It’s Part 2, Kara-Speed-Legend-Arrowheads! Are you ready for the second leg of this epic crossover? If you missed Part 1, here's a quick recap. Central City’s dealt with everything else. Why not an alien invasion, for good measure? After last week, tensions are running pretty high at S.T.A.R. Labs, especially between Barry and Cisco. Now, let’s see what adding six vigilantes, a semi-reformed criminal, a ...

DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow: 02×02, Justice Society Of America

And we’re back, Legends! Who’s ready for another glorious episode of Legends of Tomorrow? Last week started the season off with a tear and a bang, with the (supposed -- still not quite convinced) death of Rip and the introduction of the Justice Society of America! Now, let’s see how our band of misfit heroes fares among a group of real ones.We pick up right where we left off, with the Legends being apprehended by the JSA. The Le...

Arrow Adds Josh Segarra As New Star City Vigilante

Move over, Oliver Queen! There's a new vigilante in town.With a new season of Arrow, comes new faces, it seems. Earlier today, The Wrap confirmed the news that Chicago PD alum Josh Segarra will be joining the Arrow cast of as a series regular. And, as per usual, new faces in Star City equal new mask-wearing,...

We Spoke With Sterling K. Brown About His New Show, NBC’s This Is Us

Sterling K. Brown has risen to fame ever since his breakout role as Christopher Darden on Ryan Murphy’s anthology series The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, even if Brown has been in the business for many years.Besides taking guest and recurring roles in many shows -- ER, Alias, Masters of Sex and Supernatural, among others -- he starred in the Lifetime series, Army Wives.

TV Poll: What Will You Be Watching On Thursdays This Fall?

Now that we have the complete fall schedule from the five broadcast networks, and with so many great choices, we were wondering what you would be watching this fall.So we came up with the idea of making a TV poll per day of the week (except for Saturdays since no scripted shows besides SNL are on) and giving you the options from the five networks, so you can let us know what you will be watching live during each ti

NBC’s This Is Us Is Already A Favorite, Trailer Gets Record 37M Views In A Week

UPDATE, MONDAY 12PM EST: As of right now, the trailer for This Is Us appears to be unstoppable, with no signs of slowing down. We have been told that the trailer already has more than 60 million views from Facebook, YouTube and NBC.com. It appears we are witnessing a phenomenon. Be sure to check out the trailer below.NBC’s new show This Is Us<...

It’s Official: The CW Announces 4-Way DC Crossover Event

Calling all Speedsters, Arrowheads, Legends, and Karaphiles! This is not a drill! This week, the CW announced it's new schedule- featuring the newly acquired Supergirl, plucked from the hands of CBS to join her DC comrades. But the good news didn't stop there! CW president Mark Pedowitz

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