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AT&T Launches New DIRECTV Channel Taylor Swift NOW

Taylor Swift has done it again. While Swifties around the world were anticipating an unannounced album drop -- something that, much to their disappointment and heartache, hasn’t yet happened -- Taylor Swift was in the works of dropping something entirely new: a DIRECTV Channel. So go ahead, Swifties: take a moment to breathe and process this news because it is ent...

Ella Ballentine Talks New Movie The Monster

15-year-old Canadian actress, Ella Ballentine, has been performing for about five years now. She has done theater, television and film; she is also a dancer and a singer.Ella Ballentine clearly has the full star package, and we are sure we’re going to see and hear lots of more of her.

Netflix Is Taking The Blame For Cable’s Ever-Dwindling Numbers

Jayden Sheppard Staff WriterEven with hit shows in the past few years like Breaking Bad, Game Of Thrones, The Walking Dead and Mad Men, cable is still on a decline, and it all may be due to Netflix.The number of households with premium cable channels has dropped by 6 percent in the last 18 months, according to the global information company the NPD group. On th...

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