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Exclusive: Carrie Lane Premieres Her New Single “Drowning”

Having first made a name for herself as a model hailing from MSA models of New York and Los Angeles, one of the most reputable modeling agencies on the planet, Carrie Lane made the move into the music world, and, if her new single "Drowning", which PopWrapped is delighted to premiere, is anything to go by, she's going to be a part of it for a very long time to come.Lane released her freshman EP Bows Before Bros in June of last year an...

Man Allegedly Drowns In Demi Moore’s Pool

According to TMZ, a man was found dead at actress Demi Moore's mansion early this morning (July 19). As this is still on ongoing investigation, there isn't much news to report about the man's identity, though it's known that he was 21 years old. It is believed he was at the actress's house during a Saturday night pool party, where he drowned, according t...

Police Prevent Bystanders From Helping A Drowning Woman

This just feeds into my belief that police are scum.Countless instances of cops abusing their power against those in their charge, especially people of colour and black people, have left me a cynical, jaded dude who would sooner die than rely on the police. Just look at Ferguson, where they shot and killed an innocent black boy who was surrendering to an unreasonable cop, and peaceful protests were met with the national fucking guard being called in and people bei...

Anne Hathaway Saved From Riptide Drowning By Passing Surfer

Amber Dover Staff WriterWell this is no way to spend a vacation!Oscar winning actress Anne Hathaway faced death while enjoying some down time with her husband Adam Shulman in Oahu, Hawaii.

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