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Han Solo Film Rumored To Be Pushed Back

It looks like the Force may not be with the upcoming Star Wars prequel, as the film may have been pushed back several months. <...

Emilia Clarke To Set Foot Aboard The Millennium Falcon

We've intercepted a Rebel transmission from StarWars.com reporting that Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke has been cast in the untitled Han Solo prequel film.

NEW Leaked Images On Game Of Thrones Set Show Meeting Of MAJOR Characters

Warning spoilers from leaked images ahead!

Looks like an alliance is afoot in Westeros. New leaked images from the set of Game Of Thrones shows a pivotal meeting between major characters at an important and significant location...

Game Of Thrones: 06×08, No One

Last week we were left with the cliff hanger of Arya wandering the streets of Braavos clutching at her wound.This week's episode opens with her finding refuge at Lady Crane's backstage wardrobe. Thankfully the actress is fond of our young hero since, after all, she did sort of save her life.Lady Crane brings Arya back to her chambers, wraps her wounds and feeds her. And, as a nice touch, she drugs her with milk of the pop...

Emilia Clarke Refutes Claims That Game Of Thrones Is Sexist

Game of Thrones takes place in an incredibly different time, and it is leading many to speculate that the show is sexist, due to the way women are depicted and treated on the show. However, despite these claims, the Queen of Dragons herself, Emilia Clarke, is refuting the show's sexism, as she believes it does not portray any kind of prejudice at all. ...

The 2016 SAG Awards: Chrissy Picks Her Top 5 Best Dressed

The 21st annual SAG Awards, also known as the Screen Actors Guild Awards, may not be as popular and well-known as their famous counterparts like the Grammys or the Academy Awards, but it is truly just as important. After seeing this year's Red Carpet, I couldn't be any more ecstatic to see some of Hollywood's biggest stars and starlets grace the famed aw...

6 Fashion Trends From The 2016 Golden Globes Awards That We Loved

It's only January, but the ladies on the Golden Globe red carpet are steaming things up despite the recent doses of cool weather lately. While Spring has not yet arrived, the stars are paving the way for the best looks to don as the season slowly approaches. 1. DécolletageWhile this particular trend isn't considered new and revolutionary on any red carpet, it's proven that it's here to stay countless times over. ...

First Look At Game Of Thrones Season 6 In HBO’s Yearender

Game Of Thrones is one of the most watched television series of the current era and has managed to gather a large, worldwide fanbase for itself. As viewers have been impatiently waiting for that sixth season ever since the previous one ended, HBO has finally unveiled a tiny bit of new footage in a brand-new yearender video.The network has put together all of...

New Pictures Of Kit Harrington Give Fans Hope For Jon Snow’s Future On Game Of Thrones

After Game Of Thrones star Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen) hinted that Jon Snow might not be as dead as people think, despite that final scene where he lay bleeding in the snow, fresh hopes as to the future of Kit Harrington's character have emerged after new

As If! Emilia Clarke Shows Off Killer Valley Girl Accent

Despite her role in the newly released Terminator: Genisys film not getting the greatest of reviews, (then again, neither has the film in general) that hasn't stopped the Khaleesi that is Emilia Clarke entertaining the masses in other ways.She recently wowed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! thanks to her ...

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