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Facebook Ventures Towards Developing A TV App

Facebook is reportedly venturing toward developing a new TV app for set top boxes, which will include Apple TV.

Facebook Rolling Out Fake News Filter In Germany

Social media giant, Facebook will be rolling out its fake news filter in Germany. This comes after German lawmakers announced pl...

MySpace Retro Takes Us Back To The Good Old Days

MySpace used to be the hot social media platform when it first launched in 2003. It took my friends at least a year to convince me to get a Facebook account back in high school. With the recent launch of MySpace Retro, users can relive the good old days of plain layouts, red alerts, and free advertising.

Facebook Safety Check Continues To Spread Fake News

Facebook's Safety Check feature has been useful in keeping friends informed about their friends and loved ones in times of crisis. Unfortunately, it can also be led astray by false news. On December 26, 2016, the Safety Check alerted Facebook users of an explosion in Bangkok, Thailand.But there was no explosion.

Pantsuit Nation Offers Safety & Solidarity Among Progressive Women Voters

Put on your pantsuits, ladies (and gentlemen)! It is time to vote! In case you haven't heard of Pantsuit Nation, the super secret Facebook group for Hillary Clinton supporters, here is the low-down.Pantsuits took off during the 1960s and, since then, have made waves. They were often seen as inappropriately masculine and were deemed unacceptable under certain circumstances, like the 

D.S. Bradford Chats Saga Of Lucimia & Elemental Evolution

As a composer, producer and singer-songwriter, there's no denying that D.S. Bradford is a man of many talents. Having just released his new EP Elemental Evolution, as well as composed the music for new video game Saga Of Lucimia, 2016 has quite possibly been his busiest year to date. However, with plans already in the pipeline for 2017, Bradford's showing no sign of reducing his work-load any time soon and kindly agreed to this interview to chat...

Exclusive: Luca Schreiner Premieres His New Track “Time Is Up”

Hailing from Stuttgart, Germany and inspired by his father, who, himself, has contributed greatly to the electronic music business, it is perhaps not at all surprising to find that 21-year-old rising artist Luca Schreiner embarked on a career in the music world and is paving his own way through it in truly unique style. Blending classic deep house, tropical influences and several elements of progressive house, he produces a sound quite unlike any other. ...

Exclusive: Carrie Lane Premieres Her New Single “Drowning”

Having first made a name for herself as a model hailing from MSA models of New York and Los Angeles, one of the most reputable modeling agencies on the planet, Carrie Lane made the move into the music world, and, if her new single "Drowning", which PopWrapped is delighted to premiere, is anything to go by, she's going to be a part of it for a very long time to come.Lane released her freshman EP Bows Before Bros in June of last year an...

Melanie C Prepares To Release Her Sixth Album ‘Version Of Me’

As my favourite of the Spice Girls, I've always had a thing for Melanie Chisholm, known to fans simply as Mel C. That is why I, for one, am excited about the news that she is to release her sixth album on October 21st.The album titled Version Of Me has been created with the help of Melanie C's longtime co-writers Adam Argyle and Peter Vettese, together with London production duo, Sons Of Sonix, who have worked with Tinie Tempah and Ar...

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