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Bryan Singer To Direct New X-Men Pilot

Bryan Singer, the man behind the X-Men films, isn’t done with crime fighting mutants just yet. Though he said he was ready for a break last summer, it would appear Singer still has some superpowered stories in him, as he’s getting ready to direct the pilot episode of Matt Nix’s upcoming X-Men television series.

Scream Queens: 02×09, Lovin The D

Just in case you didn’t realize it ... Scream Queens is almost ready to conclude its second season, and we arrive to the penultimate episode with a meeting amongst the Green Meanies (plus Hester). Early on, the Chanels are attacked by the Green Meanies, and Dr. Cascade stops another from killing Chanel #3, as they had previously agreed to if it could keep their bizarre love intact. Just as Chanel is close to meeting her demise, a clash between the Green...

‘The Simpsons’ Renewed For Two More Seasons!

Simpsons fans rejoice!FOX’s longest running animated show is getting two more seasons and setting a world record for the most number of seasons of any scripted TV show.

Quiz: Which Of Your Favorite Glee Characters Said These Quotes?

Calling all Gleeks! Channel your inner Glee fan!How well do you remember Glee and its many memorable quotes? Though it's been a while since the show ended, it's time to put you to the test!

Trailer For ‘Logan’, Hugh Jackman’s Final Turn As Wolverine Is Released

The end of an era is upon us. Hugh Jackman, who has portrayed the iconic anti-hero Wolverine in eight films, is set to hang up his claws after the release of the final and ninth film -- and the third Wolverine one -- Logan, which has released its first trailer.The desert and seemingly apocalyp...

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