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Google Has Something To Say About The WikiLeaks Disclosure

The latest news from WikiLeaks is that any device with a camera can be used as a CIA spy device. Phones, tablets, televisions, even wireless baby monitors. But, just like Apple has been saying, if we update our devices regularly, we "should be safe." Google is the latest in a series of tech companies to "weigh in" on the statement in an attempt to p...

MySpace Retro Takes Us Back To The Good Old Days

MySpace used to be the hot social media platform when it first launched in 2003. It took my friends at least a year to convince me to get a Facebook account back in high school. With the recent launch of MySpace Retro, users can relive the good old days of plain layouts, red alerts, and free advertising.

Google Unveils Self-Driving Fiat Minivan

Not only has Google's self-driving car unit become an official, standalone company under the Alphabet corporate umbrella but they have revealed the model of their long-awaited self-driving car!Waymo, formerly the Google self-driving car initiative, collaborated with Fiat Chrysler over the course of six months. Through their partnership, they will launch 100 Chrysler Pacifica minivans. According to Wired,

Google PhotoScan Preserves Your Old Family Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words, and, now thanks to Google PhotoScan, you don't have to worry about an old, beloved picture fading with time.