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Jason Momoa Takes Kids to RHCP Concert, Gets Scolded Over Photos

According to a recent report by Yahoo! News, popular actor Jason Momoa has come under fire after he posted several photos of his young children rocking out with the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  As a result of on...

Emma Watson Puts An End To Fan Selfies

There has always been a kind of separation between celebrities and the general public. Fans and “common folk” tend to hold these people on a pedestal. It’s the way it has always been. These days, with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, fans have way more access to their favorite celebrities. This kind of access blurs the lines of privacy and basic rights between fans and the rich and famous. Some stars have taken precautions to protect their p...

Social Media Wars: The Battle Of Rihanna And Azealia Banks

Rihanna and Azealia Banks took to social media to fight with one another after Banks shamed RiRi for her tweet on President Trump.She's not the first celebrity to express her hated of our new President. Many have been expressing their feelings on him quite openly on social media and even in acceptance speeches at awards.

Shameless Renewed For Season 8, Filming Starts In May

Shameless, one of Showtime's most popular series, has been trending in the news recently because of ongoing salary and contract negotiations for one of the series' stars, Emmy Rossum. It seems as though contracts may have been settled because the cast has been told that there will be an eighth season of the series. Earlier this afternoon, Rossum tweeted, "Playing Fiona Gallagher has been one of the great privileges of my life." Her tw...

Is Shemar Moore Low Key Auditioning For Lip Sync Battle?

If you follow Shemar Moore on social media, there’s a good chance that you’re used to seeing him lip sync in videos he uploads to his Instagram account.

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