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Azealia Banks Is The New Wicked Witch Of The West

Who would've known that Azealia Banks was into voodoo?! Hmmm...As viewers clicked through Azealia Banks' Instagram story (aka Instasnap or Snapgram), they were plausibly disgusted to see the 25-year-old "212" rapper admitting that she has been sacrificing chickens in her closet for the past three years in honor of Brujeria Rituals. Brujeria is the practice of witchcraft which originated from Spanish and Native American

Kesha Records Duet With Mystery Artist

In the wake of a not-so-great year, Kesha will hopefully be making a comeback with a duet that brought her to tears.

Shameless Renewed For Season 8, Filming Starts In May

Shameless, one of Showtime's most popular series, has been trending in the news recently because of ongoing salary and contract negotiations for one of the series' stars, Emmy Rossum. It seems as though contracts may have been settled because the cast has been told that there will be an eighth season of the series. Earlier this afternoon, Rossum tweeted, "Playing Fiona Gallagher has been one of the great privileges of my life." Her tw...

Is Shemar Moore Low Key Auditioning For Lip Sync Battle?

If you follow Shemar Moore on social media, there’s a good chance that you’re used to seeing him lip sync in videos he uploads to his Instagram account.

Bruno Mars Announces 24K Magic World Tour 2017!

Get ready, folks, because the man with the soulful groove is back!Grammy award winner Bruno Mars has released information, via his official Instagram, early this morning on his upcoming world tour -- with a total of 85 national and international dates to coincide with the release of his highly anticipated new album 24K Magic on November 18th.

Elsa Pataky Shares Loving Photo Of Chris Hemsworth And Their Son

There is a lot to be envious about Elsa Pataky. She is an accomplished model, actress, and film producer. She's part of one of the biggest film franchises of all time, The Fast and The Furious series. Pataky is also incredibly smart and fluent in five languages: Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese, and French!To top it off, she has a great personal life with the love of her life, who also happens to be the God of Thunder! Yes, sh...

Exclusive: Luca Schreiner Premieres His New Track “Time Is Up”

Hailing from Stuttgart, Germany and inspired by his father, who, himself, has contributed greatly to the electronic music business, it is perhaps not at all surprising to find that 21-year-old rising artist Luca Schreiner embarked on a career in the music world and is paving his own way through it in truly unique style. Blending classic deep house, tropical influences and several elements of progressive house, he produces a sound quite unlike any other. ...

Toronto’s Vaness Shares Debut Single “Change Of Heart”

Influenced by the likes of Alicia Keys, Jimi Hendrix, Pink, Billy Talent and Michael Jackson, among many others, Toronto-based artist Vaness has grown up around music, finding both comfort and strength in it.Fueled by her passion for the arts and as a gifted singer-songwriter, she's now making her own mark on the music scene thanks to debut single "Change Of Heart."Asked about the story behind the track, she says:...

Pop10 Things You Need To Know About Luke Hemsworth

We all know the Hemsworth brothers, Chris and Liam, as the strapping pair of Aussies who have taken over Hollywood. But did you know that they have an older brother, Luke Hemsworth? Well, you probably had an idea, as Chris and Liam have mentioned him on talk shows before.Luke, the oldest of the three, seems to have been happy to hang back and live a more quiet, laid-back life than his brothers ... until now that is.Luke re...

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