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Google Has Something To Say About The WikiLeaks Disclosure

The latest news from WikiLeaks is that any device with a camera can be used as a CIA spy device. Phones, tablets, televisions, even wireless baby monitors. But, just like Apple has been saying, if we update our devices regularly, we "should be safe." Google is the latest in a series of tech companies to "weigh in" on the statement in an attempt to p...

Apple’s New iOS 10.2 Causing Even More Problems

Upgrading to the latest OS on any device can be a gamble these days, especially with the new iOS 10.2. Apple customers are far too familiar with many of the caveats of jumping into such updates, much of the time having the proverbial carrots dangled in front of us in the form of shiny new features and unparalleled intuitive interface.But should you?

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