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Top 10 Television Couples Who Are #RelationshipGoals

With Valentine's Day coming up soon, we decided it was time to take a look back through the history of popular television and pick our favorite TV couples -- our OTPs, if you will. Now, obviously theses are our picks, and you guys might have differing opinions (which we'd love to hear in the comment section below). Keep reading to see who we felt were the real OTPs of TV history!

A Charmed Reboot Is Headed To The CW

For once, the rumors are true, and a Charmed reboot is officially in the works at The CW! The reboot will be written by Jane the Virgin's Jessica O’Toole, Amy Rardin and Jennie Snyder. Unlike everyone else who saw Charmed trending on Twitter, don't get your hopes up about seeing the Charmed Ones again or seeing their children lugging around the Book of Shadows.

Jane The Virgin: 03×06, Chapter Fifty

On this week's Jane the Virgin, "Chapter Fifty", the unexpected arrival of Jane's mysterious cousin, Catalina, is sure to cause waves. Alba is definitely going to lose her shit. Or maybe not! It wouldn't be the first time that old broad has surprised me. Let's just wait and see, shall we?

Jane The Virgin (Except Not Really): 03×05, Chapter Forty-Nine

On this week's episode of Jane the Virgin, "Chapter Forty-Nine", Alba gets a new job, Jane and Michael settle into their new home, and Michael and Rafael have a new ... bromance?! Yep, you read that right. Raf and Michael are hitting it off. Does that mean Rafael is truly over Jane once and for all? Could be (but I really really hope not because I need, SOMEHOW, for those two to find a way to be together)!

Jane The Virgin: 03×02, Chapter Forty-Six

Okay, I've typed several different intros to this recap for "Chapter Forty-Six" and erased them all because they jumped from dream world to real world to the past to present day in, like, a minute and a half. So I'm just going to start off by saying...

Jane The Virgin: 03×01, Chapter Forty-Five

Here we go! Quick, quick, quick recap before we dive in to the Season 3 premiere of Jane the Virgin: Jane and Michael did get married (UGH), but then Michael got immediately shot by his two-timing partner, who was Sin Rostro in disguise the whole time. Anezka has taken over as Petra while Petra festers in a coma that causes paralyses while her mind is fully functioning.HOLY CRAP.Okay, let's see where th...

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