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Pentatonix Releases Moving Music Video For ‘Imagine’

Pentatonix is sending a message in their newest video for their cover of John Lennon's classic song Imagine.  In the video, members Scott Hoying, Mitch Grassi, Avi Kaplan, Kristin Maldonado and Kevin Olusola take the song to the next level. Their beautiful vocals are accompanied by the members holding up signs of words that describe themselve...

Outlander Playlist: Songs Inspired By Voyager

As with most novels, when I read Outlander and its sequels, I tend to set pivotal or memorable scenes -- funny, intense, sad, erotic, or otherwise -- to music in my head. The same goes for major characters, though the songs I attach to them change with evolving arcs in each subsequent book.

Shirt Stained With John Lennon’s Blood Sold For $40,819

People will often collect mementos from their favorite celebrities. The normal ones would be happy with an autograph or a selfie. Then there are the more obsessive ones who would go for personal items like a piece of clothing.But on top of the tier are the ones who go for pieces of celebrity DNA, whether it be a hair, toenail clips or Harry Style's vomit on the curb. It's actually an old human tradition, some Christian denominations would vene...

Gonzalla Talks Touring & New Tune “We Still Run”

It’s safe to say there aren’t that many artists in the world who can say they’ve been praised by the icon that is Sir Paul McCartney, however Los Angeles based indie-pop artist Gonzalla is one of them. Inspired by the likes of Bob Dylan and Fleetwood Mac, he’s most certainly making a name for himself stateside and with plans to head over to Europe in the near future, it surely won’t be long until he’s won over music fans on both sides of the Atlantic. ...

American Young Chat Inspiration, “Imagine” and Musical Influences

Already familiar with the music scene they're now embarking on their own journey into, American Young, AKA Kristy O and Jon Stone look set to make 2016 the year the world sits up and duly takes notice of what they have to offer.Having already appeared on the hit TV series Nashville and with Kristy's past experience as founding member and fiddle player in the band Bomshel, the duo are about to hit the road with UK country singer Sasha ...

Pop Hip-Hop Artist Julius Invites You All To Be ‘One’ With His Music

Having originally planned to work towards a career away from the music industry, fate evidently had other ideas for New York pop/hip-hop artist Julius. 

Influenced by an array of artists ranging from pop stars to up and coming R&B performers, his unique ability to blend both pop and hip-hop led to him catching the attention of an individual who later become his manager, and the rest, as they say his history.

PopWrapped’s Ultimate Holiday Playlist

The holidays are here and, if you're still feeling a little bit like the Grinch, we're here to fix that! Pour some egg nog, grab a sugar cookie, throw another log on the fire and stare out at the gently falling snow as you listen to our favorite holiday songs.We've had some of our contributors list the songs they can't get through December without, and threw a nifty Spotify playlist together at the bottom of the article for all to enjoy! Let u...

Beatles’ First Recording Contract To Be Auctioned

Phenomenons such as The Beatles are not a regular thing for the music industry, especially nowadays. With the band’s legacy still alive and well, the first contract they ever signed will now be auctioned and fans are expected to go crazy all over again.According to new reports, New York’s Heritage Auctions will be placin...

Paul McCartney Discusses Dozens Of “Lost” Beatles Songs

In 2013, the Beatles' On Air - Live at the BBC Volume 2 was released, essentially providing fans with new music over 40 years after the band's official breakup. Fans were delighted to hear so many unreleased tracks, but what if there were even more lost Beatles songs?In an

Lady Gaga Brilliantly Covers John Lennon’s Imagine

This woman is so damn talented!! Last week, Lady Gaga performed at the opening ceremonies of the 2015 European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan.Mother Monster ditched her over the top outfits and hairstyles when she performed the John Lennon classic 'Imagine', and it's absolutely INCREDIBLE.She keeps the song very sof...

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