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Gay Veterans Group Wins Right To Feature In Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Boston's St. Patrick's Day parade organizers have reversed a decision that had some of the city's political leaders threatening to boycott the annual event. The organizers are going to allow OutVets, a gay veterans group, to march in the parade. ...

97 Starbucks Cafes Join The Seattle Police Department’s ‘Safe Space’ Program

So much has happened this past week, it is important to keep each other in mind. Openly gay Seattle police Officer Jim Ritter has been going from business to business in an effort to recruit more people to the SPD's Safe Place program to help LGBTQ victims of hate crimes. Starbucks recently announced its intent to

Finding Dory May Feature Disney’s First On-Screen Animated Lesbian Couple

Over the years, Disney's animated arm has made a lot of strides when it comes to inclusion and diversity.Yes, it has been really slow, and lots of improvement is still needed to provide a good example for children and adults. But still, they have done a lot to bring people of color and women into the forefront of their animated features.And it looks like Disney may be making a small leap forward, if the

Liverpool Teacher Shares Touching Note From Student

A teacher in Liverpool, England shared a touching letter she received after inspiring one of her students to come out. After entering into a civil partnership, Emma Baldry decided to change her last name - a move that invited some questions from her older students. She says,

"I had a choice to make. Do I lie or do I tell th...

President Obama Talks Caitlyn Jenner And Marriage Equality

Logo's Trailblazer Honors aired on Saturday night and President Obama made a special appearance via video message. What was on his mind? He talked about Caitlyn Jenner, marriage equality and how accepting American's can be.In the video, the President said, “Tonight is a chance to celebrate, not just 10 years of Logo, but 10 years ...

Stephen Colbert Talks About Marriage Equality

Many Colbert Report fans have been worried that Stephen Colbert’s move to a major network would dull his edge. Fear not, my friends, we are all in good hands. Remember, just two weeks ago Colbert released a video excoriating Donald Trump's b...

PopWrapped’s LGBT Weekly Headline Update Is Here

 Here is your weekly PopWrapped LGBT Headline Update, courtesy of Denise from MyLesbianRadio.com and The Lesbian Lounge Podcast:Pride Fests were happening all over! LA, Boston, Buffalo- and they had some amazing guests pop up!Channing Tatum danced on a Magic Mike XXL float through the streets of West Hollywood for

PopWrapped’s LGBT Weekly Headlines Audio Update

Hey, it’s Denise from “The Lesbian Lounge Podcast” courtesy of MyLesbianRadio with a quick audio weekly update on PopWrapped's LGBT headline news for JUNE 8th, 2015You can tune in right now by clicking right HERE.The wrap up includes: Jennifer Hudson's new video, WNBA drama,  a big deal at Alaska Airlines, Gay Day...

Gay Days Celebration Happening in Orlando, Florida

This weekend you might see a rainbow overshadowing Orlando and its surrounding theme parks but it isn't because of the summer rain showers.Per tradition, the first weekend of June in Orlando we celebrate "Gay Days". An event that started with a trip to the Magic Kingdom park at Walt Disney World and evolved ...

Carmilla: 02×02 The Voice Of Silas

Well Creampuffs, looks like we've got ourselves a murder mystery on our hands.So, in episode 2, "The Voice of Silas",  it starts off with Perry shaking in absolute shock of whatever she encountered (Rightfully so because that is a significant amount of blood that isn't hers.)LaFontaine reappears with some sort of weapon contraption (bonus points for creativity for whatever the contraption is) at the sound of distress but ...

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