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Colton Haynes Said Yes To Boyfriend Jeff Leatham With A Firework Backdrop

Teen Wolf and Arrow actor Colton Haynes could not wait to post his exciting life event to Instagram. He and his boyfriend, Jeff Leatham, celebrated their engagement at Las Ventanas al Paraiso in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with a beautiful firework backdrop.https://www.instagram.com/p/BRjCXv5jdH-/"I SAID YES!!!" Haynes c...

Gay Veterans Group Wins Right To Feature In Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Boston's St. Patrick's Day parade organizers have reversed a decision that had some of the city's political leaders threatening to boycott the annual event. The organizers are going to allow OutVets, a gay veterans group, to march in the parade. ...

President Trump Reverses Obama-Era Transgender Protections

We made a lot of great strides in the last eight years, including federal guidelines that allow transgender students to use the bathroom based on their preferred gender identity. Unfortunately the presidential team has "rolled back" these guidelines, claiming "the earlier directive written by the...

Jackie Evancho Tweets Out Against Trump’s Transgender Policy

Jackie Evancho may have said yes to singing the national anthem at Donald J. Trump's presidential inauguration, but, when it comes to his policies, she tells it like it is. This past Wednesday found the singer logged into her Twitter and speaking out against President Trump's stance on transgender rights. Her tweet, which asked to meet with the president an...

Troye Sivan Impacts LGBTQ Youth Through New Music Video

Troye Sivan is back stronger and better than ever with his new music video. The new video is for his single “Heaven,” which was co-written by Jack Antonoff, Alex Hope, and Claire Boucher. The song itself is very beautiful and has a wonderful and powerful message.

Why YouTube’s Domo And Crissy Are Legends

YouTube is more powerful than people think. Aside from music videos, personalities upload substance to shock, entertain, and educate. Individuals like Joey Graceffa, Trisha Paytas, and Shane Dawson amass a mammoth amount of followers. Their topics, from alcoholism to sexual orientation, touch audiences through the computer screens. <...

Ruby Rose Opens Up About Past On The Ellen Show

Before her cameo in the hit series, Orange Is the New Black, Ruby Rose was a sensation. In 2014, summer sizzled with her viral video, Break Free. Like an unorthodox Cinderella, she bedazzled in blonde hair, a crimson pout, and today's glass slippers: Chelsea Boots. As she adorned her face with mascara and lipstick, Butterfly Boucher's music fluttered in soft crescendo.

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