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The 2017 Screen Actors Guild Awards Winners List

The SAG Awards are one of the most fun award shows during this season because they are the ones chosen by the peers of those nominated. The Screen Actors Guild decides who wins, and, many times, the victories that happen in this award show can predict the remaining award shows of the season.

Celebrate Mel Gibson’s Birthday With His Top 10 Films

Mel Gibson turned 61 last week, and, to celebrate his amazing career filled with films, we'd like to count down what we think are his 10 best. Follow along with our list and hopefully you agree with the choices we've made. If you have other films that you think should be included, comment with your thoughts!

2016: The Year Pop Culture Died

If February 3, 1959 was the Day the Music Died, then 2016 was the year pop culture died. Not just the music world -- film, sports, and politics, too, were all dealt iconic losses. Faces that have been around for most if not all of our lives have shuffled off this mortal coil, leaving gaps that cannot be filled. <...

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