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Simon Kinberg Reveals More About Upcoming X-Force Film

You may remember we’ve talked about Simon Kinberg in the past -- he’s basically become the go-to guy for all things X-Men at this point -- and now he’s dropping hints of what’s to come in the future X-Force movie ... and the future is looking pretty awesome<...

5 Superhero Nail Art Tutorials You Have To Try

There are plenty of ways to showcase your geeky side. We’ve even talked about a few of the everyday ways to incorporate your fandom into your day to day life. But now it’s time to get creative, and what better way to show off your skills than on the tips of your fingers. Superhero nail art is an artistic way to show off what you’re into, and if you’re on the hunt for some inspiration, here a...

Iwan Rheon Will Head Up Marvel’s Inhumans Series

Iwan Rheon has been going from strength to strength lately, and today's news is no different. Marvel Entertainment has announced that Rheon will be leading its Inhumans television project.Rheon is best known for playing the diabolically evil Ramsey Bolton on Game of Thrones, but he has also had major roles in Vicious (alongside such talent as Sir Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi) and Misfits....

Hulu’s Runaways Series Casts Its Pride

The MCU continues to expand, as the cast for the upcoming Runaways TV series was announced earlier this week. Along with the main cast of teenagers, the roles of the parents have been filled as well, and you’ll definitely recognize some of the actors.

5 Franchises That Deserve The Lego Movie Treatment

With The Lego Batman Movie hitting theatres soon, I think it’s time to take a look at other franchises that could benefit from the Lego treatment. After all, The Lego Movie and, presumably, The Lego Batman Movie will not only feature the aesthetics of the popular toy brand but the quirky humor that so many enjoy. So, let’s get to it! ...

5 Ways To Add Cosplay To Your Everyday Life

Sure, there’s nothing quite like going all out at a convention with your costume, but sometimes real life clashes with your ‘all cosplay, all the time’ plans. So, here are five ways to add a little every day cosplay into your life for those days where your geekiness needs to be a little bit stealthy.

Meet Marvel’s Cloak And Dagger Cast

Marvel's Cloak and Dagger is the upcoming series from Marvel Television. It was just announced that Olivia Holt will play Dagger and Aubrey Joseph will play Cloak. Olivia Holt is known for starring in Disney Channel series I Didn't Do It and Kickin' It. Aubrey Joseph was recently in HBO's mini series The Night Of and the Liam Neeson-led film Run...

5 Reasons You HAVE To Read The Unstoppable Wasp

The Unstoppable Wasp #1 hit shelves on January 4, giving us a look at Nadia, a wonderful and hilarious heroine! Here is why you need to add The Unstoppable Wasp to your reading list.

New Hawkeye Comic Is ‘Veronica Mars With Superheroes’

Civil War II has left very few superheroes in the Marvel Universe untouched. Everyone from Iron Man to Captain Marvel to Spider-Man has been affected by the debate about the responsibility of superheroes. While some characters voluntarily walked into the conversation, others, such as Patsy Walker and Kate Bishop, found themselves dragged into the chaos over the fate of a loved one. In Patsy's case, it was her friend She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters and her near-...

Brie Larson Talks About The Importance Of ‘Captain Marvel’

The response to Brie Larson being cast as the lead in the upcoming Captain Marvel film has been overwhelmingly positive. Even Chris Evans, Captain America himself, thought she was perfect for the role, telling reporters that he thinks she's "phenomenal". Larson ...

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