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David Becker Charged With Two Counts Rape, Chief Justice Declines Review

We can all agree Meryl Streep, Viola Davis, and everyone else at the Golden Globes last night did a fantastic job in delivering poignant and amazing speeches. Now, why can't we all agree that rape in any form should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law? David Becker (18) was found guilty on two counts of ...

Silver Linings In The US Election Include Senate Diversity And Common Sense Gun Control

Last Tuesday was a bad day for progressives, minorities, and women in the US elections. Not only did Donald Trump take home the top job of President, conservatives also won majorities in both the House of Representatives and in the Senate. But you may have missed an important step forward in Senate diversity.There is now a record number of women of color

Somerville’s Fluff Festival Has Us Asking WTF: What The Fluff?!

Have you ever enjoyed a lovely FlufferNutter sandwich? Did you ever just wonder why there isn't enough hype around marshmallows?One city has been celebrating the existence of the delicious marshmallow spread for the last 11 years, and it's the real Fluffin' deal.Marshmallow Fluff was created in 1917 by Archibald Query in Union Square, and, for the last couple of years, Somerville, Massachusetts

Welcome To Dungeons & Dragons & Delirium

We've all seen the occasional D&D reference in popular culture. Heck, some of our favorite characters have admitted to attending campaigns on their nights off!Enter Dungeons & Dragons & Delirium, a student film that follows a slacker named Terry around his humdrum day job, while by night he is a D&D enthusiast.The film's campaign synopsis reads:

"The film follows Terry, a dead end diner worker and Dungeons and Dragons enthusi...

Senator Warren Blames Obama For Not Protecting The American People

Senator Elizabeth Warren recently sat down with Salon for an interview. In that interview, the Massachusetts Senator lashed out at President Obama and his administration for protecting the interests of Wall Street over the interests of the American people.Sen. Warren began, however, on a conciliatory note by stating, "Democrats have not done a...

SnapChat Broadcasts Brutal Rape of Teen Girl

WHDH-TV has reported that two Massachusetts teens have been arrested and another is still at large following a brutal rape of a 16-year-old girl. The attack was recorded and then broadcasted via SnapChat, a social networking application that records and plays videos for a short time before they are erased.The 16-year-old victim has n...

Harvard Students Host Satanic Black Mass, Angers Religious Campus Life

Roxanne Powell Senior Content Editor @roxipowellEveryone has a right to their opinions. The freedom to choose who we are and what religion we follow is a highlight of being American. Yet even as people have the right to choose, they have the right not to choose. This past Monday sparked a rivalry between the Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club and C...

Former Pro-Proposition 8 Attorney Is Helping Plan A Gay Wedding

Jonathan Frahm Staff Writer @JNoodles_Charles Cooper is an attorney who vicariously defended Proposition 8, which had banned same-sex marriage in California. Cooper has revealed that he discovered his daughter Ashley was gay while working on the controversial case. In a change of heart, Cooper is now

Firefighters Urge Little Girl To Let Go Of Her Fear By Singing “Frozen” Hit

 Bradleigh-Ann Walker Senior Content Editor @urbanbeautyxoFirefighters from Reading, Massachusetts recently went above and beyond to melt a little girl's fear.The 4-year-old was with her mother and little brother at a hai...

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