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Get A Look At The New Zords In Power Rangers: Zords Rising

Though what we have seen of the new Power Rangers movie has been questionable (to say the least), one thing fans haven’t had a good look at would be the Zords. The first posters only showed us the new Rangers perched on top of bits and pieces, and, barring the toys, it was a little strange that such a key element of the franchise was so shrouded in mystery. This is one of the reasons why the first images from the Power Rangers VR experience are r...

Celebrate Mel Gibson’s Birthday With His Top 10 Films

Mel Gibson turned 61 last week, and, to celebrate his amazing career filled with films, we'd like to count down what we think are his 10 best. Follow along with our list and hopefully you agree with the choices we've made. If you have other films that you think should be included, comment with your thoughts!

The 5 Most Hyped Films Coming This Spring

Although the world of film is more accustomed to releasing the year's biggest hits during the summer blockbuster and the winter holiday periods, great movies can be released year-round.As a matter of fact, some of 2017's best films are pegged for a release this spring. The following are the five most talked-about hyped films coming to theaters in Spring 2017. <...

New Trailer For ‘Fate Of The Furious’ Offers A Surprising Twist

The trailer for the latest installment of the Fast and the Furious franchise has dropped, and it looks like its main hero will be driving in a different direction.

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