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Michael Bublé Will Not Host The BRIT Awards

Michael Bublé has pulled out of hosting next month's BRIT Awards, so he can focus on his son Noah's battle with liver cancer. The three-year-old was diagnosed in 2016, prompting Buble to put his career on hold.Being a father comes first.

Ed Sheeran Returns To Us With New Songs

At the end of 2015, British singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran announced on Twitter and Instagram that he was taking a break from social media and, because he's such a low-key guy, proceeded to basically drop off the face of the earth for all of 2016. But now the hiatus is over, and Ed is back -- and he brings the gift of music!

Nicki Minaj Guns For Azealia Banks In New Mobile Game

In the ratchet world, which we may refer to as the "celebridome," one statement seems to always hold true: be as subliminal as possible to save face. Although it seems it never quite holds up, we can all agree that celebrities are the real wizards of taking subliminal shots at one another. Just ask Nicki Minaj.

Ariana Grande Speaks Out About Objectification

What was initially a cute encounter with a fan turned sour for Ariana Grande, eventually prompting the singer to voice her frustrations about objectification of people to Twitter.

Ryan Adams Releases A New Song From Emotional Album

Legendary musician Ryan Adams has released “To Be Without You”, the second single from his latest album, Prisoners.This record is more than just another piece of work for the musician. While every song and every album is important to the artist who recorded them, sometimes one comes out that is much closer to their hearts than the rest.

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