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Eddie Van Halen Fights To Keep Music Programs In Public Schools

Legendary rock and roll musician Eddie Van Halen often asks himself a common question: What would the world be like without music? According to an interview with CNN, Van Halen credits music for keeping him (mostly) in check and out of trouble all throughout school, and he can't bear to live in a world without the same opportunity for all kids. "It's a must," Eddie told C...

Is The Newsies Movie Blazing The Trail For More Accessible Musicals?

God, I hope so.I just came back from seeing Newsies, the hit Disney musical, at the movies. Yes, on a screen. No, it wasn't a bootleg. At the end of last year, Disney gathered most of the original Newsies Broadway cast as well as some of the touring cast members, and they put on the show live, but it was also professionally filmed. And for a few days this month, it was distributed across the nation thanks to

Maggie McClure Releases Single ‘Be Right Here For You’

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Maggie McClure has spent a good portion of her career having her songs on various television shows including The Hills, The Real World, Cougar Town and The Vineyard.

Michael Bolton Saves Christmas With Netflix’s Big Sexy Valentine’s Special!

For a younger generation, some only know Michael Bolton from the SNL Digital Short he was featured in along with Lonely Island. The song they did was entitled "Captain Jack Sparrow," and it was a hilarious combination of serious rap mixed with an insane movie hook, and it was an instant classic. But Michael Bolton did not make it big with his Lonely Island collaboration. In fact, he was a huge sex symbol back in the day with his long blonde locks and sex...

Linkin Park Has Always Been Pop – You Just Never Noticed Until Now

Something a little strange happened yesterday in the music world.Linkin Park, the Californian multi-million selling rockers that have been around for as long as I’ve had hairs on my chest, released their first single off their new album One More Light which is due on May 19 of this year. The single, "Heavy", sounds a little like this: