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Michael Bolton Saves Christmas With Netflix’s Big Sexy Valentine’s Special!

For a younger generation, some only know Michael Bolton from the SNL Digital Short he was featured in along with Lonely Island. The song they did was entitled "Captain Jack Sparrow," and it was a hilarious combination of serious rap mixed with an insane movie hook, and it was an instant classic. But Michael Bolton did not make it big with his Lonely Island collaboration. In fact, he was a huge sex symbol back in the day with his long blonde locks and sex...

Stranger Things Season 2 Trailer Airs During Super Bowl

The wildly popular show Stranger Things has amassed a huge following since its release in July of 2016, and fans are eagerly awaiting information about the next season. During the Super Bowl, the next trailer of Stranger Things debuted and came as a surprise to all. Fans eagerly took to Twitter to share their excitement, and the series tag remained one of the top trending hashtags for hours.

Orange Is The New Black Season 5 Teaser

The "shot heard round the world" takes on a whole new meaning now. Orange Is the New Black Season 5 will premiere June 9, 2017. Fans are in a freak-out, and it's all thanks to Daya, CO Humphrey, and a gun. Will she shoot the officer, or will she resist temptation?

Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet Is A Mixed Bag Of Crazy Fun

We finished our binge of Netflix's new horror comedy Santa Clarita Diet in the early hours of Sunday morning, and we have to say that it is not what we expected. This new series stars Timothy Olyphant and Drew Barrymore as a married couple who begin their day as realtors -- the same as any other day. As the first episode pr...

A Full ‘Iron Fist’ Trailer Is Released

With just over a month until Marvel's newest Netflix show, Iron Fist, is released, it's about time we got a new trailer. In the summer, a short trailer was released atNew York Comic-Con and then hit the Internet shortly after. But a new trailer has just been released. It's a longer, full trailer, and it is great. We finally get a bit more plot information and even some dry humor, a M...

The 2017 Screen Actors Guild Awards Winners List

The SAG Awards are one of the most fun award shows during this season because they are the ones chosen by the peers of those nominated. The Screen Actors Guild decides who wins, and, many times, the victories that happen in this award show can predict the remaining award shows of the season.

House of Cards Season Five Premiere Date Revealed

Fans have been excitedly anticipating the fifth season of Netflix’s hit series House of Cards. Starring Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood, House of Cards tells the story of how a politician will stop at nothing to get into the Oval Office. With Season 4 concluding with President Underwood’s declaration of a full, no-holds-barred war on terrorism, the season ahead is sure to bring even more complications than ever before.