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Florida Attorney Amaris Ayala Refuses Governor Order For Death Penalty

Florida State Attorney Aramis Ayala announced that her office would not take "the death penalty in any cases" after Governor Rick Scott said he wanted Markeith Loyd prosecuted for killing a police officer. Ayala, the first black female prosecutor in Florida, claimed she reviewed the case and concluded "that there is no evidence to show that imposing the death penalty imp...

A West Wing Revival Would Revive The Dream Of The Public Servant

In today's unpredictable political world, we'd all like to think that the folks in charge are on our side. Okay, maybe it's a bit farfetched to think that they're all really out for the little guy, but it's the kind of dream The West Wing instilled in us for seven seasons. They may have been fictional characters, but the members of the Bartlet administration illustrated exactly what it meant to be a public servant. Before Jeff Sessions was confirmed ...

How Low Can President Trump And Co. Go?

President Trump has broken a couple presidential records. At 70 years old, he's the oldest Commander-in-Chief. Replacing Mr. Harding, President Trump's also the most scandalous.

ACLU Raised $24 Million Since Trump’s Executive Refugee Ban

The many executive orders signed by the 45th President during his first few weeks in office may not be good for many people, but the American Civil Liberties Union has raised an "unprecedented" amount of money in response to the executive order.

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