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The 100: 04×06, We Will Rise

After a one week break, The 100 returns with additional problems piling up against our favorite remaining sect of humanity. Now that Raven has the potential to make a return to space, Clarke and Bellamy will be tasked with stocking up on remaining fuel and delivering it to the tech genius for a shot at creating synthetic nightblood. Before we get to that issue in itself, let’s go back the the beginning of the episode.

“We Will Ri...

Supernatural: 12×15, Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell

Are you ready for "Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell?" Ahhh, nature. Where the stars shine bright, the birds sing clear, and the hellhounds are hot on your trail -- at least the trail of the couple in the opening scene of this week’s Supernatural who, while camping, are attacked. The boyfriend is killed, and the woman escapes after getting a lucky swing at the hound with an axe.

Supernatural: 12×13, Family Feud

Are we ready for "Family Feud?" This week’s episode kicks off six months ago with a woman being murdered in Andover, Mass., as in 80s style horror film murdered. Back in present day, Sam and Dean are still trying to locate Kelly, Lucifer’s baby mama. In the meantime, Sam comes across a case in Iowa, where a teacher was brutally murdered (sounds familiar) in a Des Moines museum. Elsewhere, Mary continues to secretly work for the British Men of Letters and thing...

The 100: 04×04, A Lie Guarded

Octavia in peril, Clarke's lies being exploited and a potential breakthrough on the Nightblood front -- just another action-packed episode of The 100, folks!

"A Lie Guarded" Recap

Supernatural: 12×12, Stuck in the Middle (With You)

Let me start by saying it’s episodes like this one, "Stuck in the Middle (With You)", that demonstrate why Supernatural is knee-deep in its 12th season with no signs of slowing down. (shout out to the man behind the scenes of tonight's episode, Richard Speight, Jr!) But, with that said, the format of this episode is a little tricky to recap, kind of Quentin Tarantino-esque, if you will. So, though the scene kicks off while the team and a random guy are ...

Supernatural: 12×11, Regarding Dean

Are we ready for "Regarding Dean"? This week’s episode kicks off with Dean chasing a guy through the forest. It appears that it’s just another day for the Winchesters, but, before Dean can catch the guy, he stops and casts a spell on Dean. He wakes up the next morning with no memory of the night before.

Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet Is A Mixed Bag Of Crazy Fun

We finished our binge of Netflix's new horror comedy Santa Clarita Diet in the early hours of Sunday morning, and we have to say that it is not what we expected. This new series stars Timothy Olyphant and Drew Barrymore as a married couple who begin their day as realtors -- the same as any other day. As the first episode pr...

The 100: 04×02, Heavy Lies The Crown

The 100 continues its fourth season with chaos and conflict, but what else would we expect from the high-stakes series? Now let's dive straight in to this week's episode, "Heavy Lies the Crown," that introduces the difficulties of accepting leadership in the midst of relentless danger.

"Heavy Lies the Crown" Recap

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