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Florida Attorney Amaris Ayala Refuses Governor Order For Death Penalty

Florida State Attorney Aramis Ayala announced that her office would not take "the death penalty in any cases" after Governor Rick Scott said he wanted Markeith Loyd prosecuted for killing a police officer. Ayala, the first black female prosecutor in Florida, claimed she reviewed the case and concluded "that there is no evidence to show that imposing the death penalty imp...

Florida Governor Rick Scott Meets With Scientists About Global Warming

 Despite disputing human impact on climate change during his 2010 campaign, Florida Governor Rick Scott met with five climate scientists  yesterday (August 19) to discuss Florida's impact on global warming.During a brief 30-minute meeting, the scientists informed Scott of the conflict with the state's rising sea levels and presented information that lin...

Say What?! Florida Accidentally Bans Computers!

Dani Strehle
Staff Writer

Have you been pining for a more “unplugged” life-style? Are you sick of constantly battling with technology, and getting headaches from squinting at a computer sc...

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